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Probably each of us at least once in our lives, but thought about sports, because we all value health and want to impress with their appearance. But, unfortunately, not everyone has enough time and money for regular visits to the gym. Home gym is a very useful thing and to create it there are many different devices that can make sports more effective and enjoyable. In this article, we want to make a brief Weider 2980 home gym review so that you can decide on a choice and start doing sports at home.

Home gym Weider will give you the opportunity to start doing strength training at home, lose weight, and increase muscle mass. The design itself has 6 stations that allow you to perform exercises on all muscle groups and make the case inflated. The home gym is equipped with a chest press, low pulley, leg trainer, and more. The vinyl seat provides complete comfort during exercise. Moreover, Weider 8525 home gym has a developed program of controls, which are described in detail in the table. This will help you start training and get your body in order gradually, in a disciplined and effective way.

The home gym is made of sturdy pipes. They are made of steel. The construction is very strong and reliable. You can be sure that the system for training will last you a very long time. The simulator generates a resistance of 214 pounds. This home gym gives you a great opportunity to train both your upper and lower torso. Thanks to the design, you can improve the condition of all major muscle groups. Be sure that your biceps, deltoid, trapezius, and pectoral muscles will be in good shape. Moreover, thanks to an additional leg trainer, you can start your glutes, calves, biceps, and others. The press and back muscles will also not be ignored.

Technical Info:

Now let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics of the Weider 1200. If we consider the design. in its entirety, its dimensions are 65x37x76 inches. Therefore, before buying a home gym, choose a place at home for the structure, and make sure that it exactly fits in this space.


In modern society, which is most of the time at work, more and more often develops the problem with the muscles. This is due to a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, in which there is no time for going to the gym. Now home gyms are becoming more and more relevant. Sports stores offer a wide range of home gyms. In such structures, you can place several simulators at once-a traction block, blocks for bending and extending the legs, a Nautilus, a Hummer, an inclined bench, and much more. There are a lot of such simulators. Home gyms simplify the selection of exercise equipment and save space for equipment placement. Now let’s talk in more detail about the configuration of this home gym.

  • Thanks to the 80-pound vinyl weight stack, a resistance of 214 pounds is achieved.
  • The four-roller leg press machine helps you train your lower body muscles.
  • High pulley with lat bar perfectly adjusts your lots and back and allows you to do exercises on all muscle groups of the arms and back.
  • The Chest fly system allows you to train your chest muscles and improve their performance In addition, vertical traction is useful for everyone who wants to continue to work on the bar. After a few weeks of systematic training with home gyms Weider, the muscles will develop enough to lift the body several times on the crossbar. Thanks to the Preacher pad, you can use the upper arm and back muscles.
  • There is also an ankle strap for extra exercise.
  • You will get a properly designed training program with a description of the exercises.


The manufacturer provides a warranty on the parts for 90 days. But you need to take into account the fact that only the original owner can use the guarantee.


Shipping and Assembly:

As for the delivery of wеider fitness system, its price will depend on two factors. The first is the delivery location. The further you have to carry the product, the higher the cost will be. The second is the type of delivery. There are many transport companies and delivery options. The price and delivery speed will depend on your choice.

According to Weider home gyms reviews the build does not cause any problems and does not require too much time. Complete with a home gym is a detailed guide. To fully assemble the structure, you will need to go through 33 steps. Don’t be afraid, it’s not difficult. All the steps are described in detail in the instructions, as well as there are pictures. That’s why you can do it for sure. To do this, you do not need to have any skills and abilities in this area. You should just follow the instructions. In the Assembly kit, you will find a large number of nuts and bolts to secure all the parts of the home hall together. The main parts are solid, so you don’t have to assemble them. Follow the instructions to complete the Assembly of the entire structure quickly and efficiently. In it, you can find a lot of high-quality images that will tell you what to put and where to put it.

We recommend you to prepare in advance a screwdriver and the ceiling (just in case). Most likely, they are in any house and this will not be a problem. If you do everything correctly, you can manage it in 2.5 hours. To get a high-quality and long-term design, it is better to spend a little time. But then you will be able to start effective weider exercises.

What We Love About the Weider Home Gym:


We think this is one of the most important criteria when choosing a home gym because not all people can afford too expensive structures for sports. As for the Weider 8525 home gym price, it is safe to say that this is one of those home gyms that does not cost a lot of money. But at the same time, it is a very high-quality and multifunctional the Fact is that in the modern market of sports equipment and simulators, it is very difficult to find a truly high-quality and inexpensive option. If you want to train the whole body, do exercises for the upper and lower torso, you will have to invest in a home gym. However, this home gym is available at a reasonable price. This is a great combination of price and quality. 80 pounds of pull weight for exercise can’t be cheap. The simulator is multifunctional and versatile, so it is suitable for both professional athletes with experience and for beginners who want to start doing exercises to put their body in order.

Other Considerations

Before buying a home hall, it is important to study all the characteristics of this design to find a place for it and understand whether it is suitable or not. The weight of the Weider fitness system is 300 pounds. This is a big indicator, but thanks to this, the home gym is very strong and resistant. Despite the large weight, the design itself is quite compact and does not take up too much weight as similar home gyms. The base of the structure consists of steel pipes. There are also two supports: the front and the back, which is slightly larger in size. The weight stack weighs 80 pounds. The home gym itself weighs 196 pounds. It is well to hold the weight of your body. However, according to the Weider home gym review, some athletes who have too much height are not always comfortable working out.

What conclusions can be drawn about Weider Home Gym?

Strength training is needed not only for those who want to catch up with famous bodybuilders in the relief of biceps and triceps. Strength training is a necessary part of any fitness program. They contribute to weight loss, muscle development, and bone-strengthening — the latter is especially important for older people, as bones lose strength with age. To achieve success in training, you need to practice a couple of times a week and follow the program. And many people are much more comfortable to conduct these classes at home — that’s why home gyms are so popular.

In conclusion to the qeidee home gym 4780 reviews, we can say that this is an example of a combination of price and quality. Despite the small cost of this home gym, you will get the opportunity to train at home. With it, you will pump your muscles and be able to perform many different exercises. Some note that due to the compact design, it will not fit too full and tall people. But if you do not fit these criteria, you can safely buy this home gym and train at home.

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