With the arrival of summer, owners of homesteads and cottages are thinking about how to put their lawn in order — an important component of landscape design. And the best solution to this problem is to buy a lawnmower. However, it is not so easy to make the right choice with all the variety of models and brands. If you need to mow a large area perfectly, and at the same time do not breathe gasoline fumes, you should choose an electric mower for grass. It is easy to use, as long as the length of the cord is enough. For extended territories, you can choose the battery option.

We decided to write an article about 2 models that you might like. To do this, we have studied the reviews of many customers to provide our readers with reliable information.


Let’s start our article with Kobalt lawn mower review.

We have prepared this overview of the lawnmower in order for you to get acquainted with all the details, characteristics, functionality, pros, and cons of the device. To implement this idea, we have read a lot of reviews from customers who purchased this model and used it for some time. After all, before buying a product, we often look at the reviews of other people who have dealt with the product.

Such a well-known firm as Kobalt was organized back in 1998 thanks to Lowe’s and J. H. Williams, who were comrades and companions. However, due to a number of reasons, the collaboration was completed in 2011, but Chevron started producing Kobalt products. During the entire period of operation, the company produced various types of hand tools, cases for them, parts for mechanics, and a number of other products. The company has established itself as a good manufacturer. The company tests tools and parts to improve its quality. Interestingly, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson used parts of this company in his black car numbered 48 while driving on the race track.

Kobalt produces tools for home use, such as home or furniture repairs, as well as for professional mechanics and repair workers. It presents high-quality products on the market, which is why it has so many favorites. As mentioned above, the company cooperates with many famous people. For example, with driver Jimmie Johnson, who uses their products for his team. This inspires confidence in the company and the quality of the products provided.

Not everyone knows that the company Kobalt in addition to the usual tool is also engaged in the production of lawnmowers. At the moment, the manufacturer has a whole line of them. Today we will introduce you to a 40-volt lawn mower that runs on two batteries. When you buy this Kobalt battery mower you get batteries with a capacity of 4 and 2 Ah, Therefore, if the battery runs out during operation, you do not have to stop, you only need to replace the batteries, setting them to charge. Lawnmowers are available in sizes such as 19 and 20 inches. Lithium-ion battery. You can safely start the lawnmower by pressing the normal button. This is a great option for those who do not want to mess with evaporation and oil while mowing the grass. What’s more, you will get a 5-year warranty for the lawnmower and a 3-year battery warranty.

In our Kobalt electric lawnmower review, we highlighted the main characteristics of the device.


  • Platform: 40V max
  • Battery type: lithium-ion
  • Removable batteries: included mowing height: adjustable with one lever
  • Mulching function: Yes
  • Height adjustment: 6-speed
  • Grass garbage: rear
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours
  • Case material: plastic
  • Grass bag included: Yes
  • The handle is covered with a soft foam material, there is an emergency switch on the handle, it is easy to fold for more convenient storage
  • Number of batteries included: 2 PCs
  • Color: black with blue
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Low noise
  • Low weight
  • High power
  • Power is automatically reduced and increased depending on the operating conditions
  • Powered by two batteries


  • The handle seems to be of poor quality
  • There is no side grass waste

You can find in the line of this company different tools that are typical for the usual set of tools and for professionals. You can use hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, tape measure, and so on.

Today, the company has been operating for more than 20 years and pleases its customers with high-quality and inexpensive products. She has long been engaged in manufacturing tools for home and apartment improvement, as well as for professionals, large projects, and large-scale transactions. It’s a huge advantage since anyone can buy the product of this company. The Kobalt 40-volt cordless mower is no exception. It’s an excellent Kobalt 40v mower, that is easy to use for many years and not to be afraid for its quality. It is suitable for any size of lawn and will decorate your patio or garden with beautiful and smooth grass. After reading our Kobalt 40v mower review, you can decide whether this lawnmower is suitable for you or not.


Now we can move on to a lawnmower from a company like PowerSmart. You are going to buy such a model, but are in doubt? Then this review will be useful to you. We have collected power smart lawnmower reviews to tell you more about this company and help you choose because no one wants to throw money away and buy a low-quality product.

Who makes power smart lawn mowers? This is done by a fairly well-known American company PowerSmart, which has been manufacturing various home accessories for many years. The company is located in one of the States of America, namely in Illinois. The company’s distributor is American Inc. Since 2016, the company maintains its channel on The YouTube video hosting site, where the manufacturer tells interesting facts about their products. For example, you can watch a video and learn a lot about snow removal machines, lawnmowers, and split logs. There are also fascinating and useful videos with tips for home renovation and improvement.

How can I place an order with this company? And everything is simple, you just need to find the website of this company and choose the product you like. You can enable location detection to make it easier to search and quickly order a lawnmower or tools. Also on the site, you can learn more about who makes power smart movers and who builds power smart. PowerSmart provides a variety of household products to the market. For example, you can buy cleaning products, tools, door locks, snowplows, and more. You can be sure of the quality of the products. Many customers praise the company for its excellent quality. And on the YouTube channel, you can see how to use all these devices and read the instructions.

POWERSMART lawnmowers should be singled out separately. They are loved by many owners of suburban plots. They run on gas, which is an advantage.

The company provides a choice of as many as 8 different models of lawnmowers and you will definitely choose the perfect one. All mowers have different mowing functions and settings. For example, there are models with side mowing or mulching. 7 models run on gas. The PS76215A is powered by a battery. It comes with a battery charger. Lawnmowers are self-propelled and protruding. Most of the models have pouches for grass. Who makes powersmart lawn mower engines? They are produced by an American company that makes only high-quality products.

Basically, all mowers have a similar design. They look very stylish and modern. Since the main color of powersmart USA, all lawnmowers are made in black and red. The only exception is the model of a wireless lawnmower, which has a more complex design and is distinguished among others. Also, worth noting is the DB8620 model. This is a 20-inch lawn mower that has one wheel on the front. This makes it very easy to control and move in different directions. Its appearance also stands out and is unique. The manufacturer also offers to choose a different size of lawnmower (20, 21, or 22 inches).

In addition to the above, PowerSmart positions itself as a manufacturer of other devices for the home and land. You can find in the company’s catalog such products as cleaning products, filters, equipment for snow removal, tools, stepladders, air purifiers, and other products for repair, home and garden equipment, everyday life. The company employs real professionals who are ready to help you in choosing a product. Customer service is always on top, as the Power Smart brand cares about its reputation and does everything efficiently. Moreover, the manufacturer tries to set affordable prices so that a person with a limited budget can afford to buy a product. On the website, you will find a product catalog, a description of all devices, delivery methods, and instructions. After studying numerous customer reviews, we are convinced that the company is liked by customers due to the combination of price and quality.

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