Ring 2 vs Ring Pro: Pros & Cons and Verdict

ring doorbell 2 vs ring pro


Back in the 19th century, a prototype of an electric wire bell from the scientist Joseph Henry appeared. Then there was no question of convenience. Today, the owners try to take care of their home comfort. Now the technique can be found everywhere, it makes it easier to work. Any house starts with the front door, and the doorbell is one of the main components. Now it is becoming popular wireless calls that have a beautiful design. You do not need to run the cable through the wall, it will not be when installing a new device. Ring is a company that produces exclusively “smart” calls. All information from the external transmitting device can be automatically sent to the cloud data storage or to the owner’s smartphone or computer.

Ring 2 and Ring Pro are quality doorbells. They have different functions, but they are different devices. In this article, we want to compare ring 2 vs pro so that you can choose the right option for yourself. We will try to compare the main characteristics and description of door locks. After that, we will describe the pros and cons of the models, and draw conclusions.

Installation Process

We think that no one wants to mess with the installation of doorbells. The manufacturer has made sure that you do not spend a lot of time studying the instructions and watching numerous videos on the Internet. The fact is that you can set the call with your own hands in just 5 minutes. This does not require much time and effort.

Ring 2

A special feature of this model is the fact that it can be used as a wired and wireless system. If you prefer the second option and do not want to use wires, then you will need just a couple of minutes for the entire installation. This process is really so simple that you won’t spend any more time on it.

As for the tools for installing the doorbell, everything you need comes with the device. You don’t have to look for something extra. What’s more, you can control the door lock with your own phone. To do this, you just need to download a special app. To learn more about the process of installing a doorbell, you can watch a short tutorial video on the company’s website. The wireless call has firmly won high positions of popularity. This is due to the ease of its installation, without the need for drilling wall coverings, conducting electrical energy. This point is especially important when it comes to a private house because you need to mount the structure on the gate.

If you still have questions after watching the video, you can read the description in the instructions. It is written in simple and clear language, so you can easily understand all the nuances. You also have the possibility to contact the support team. There are people who will be happy to give you recommendations and answer all your questions. We are sure that you can easily install this device at home in a couple of minutes.

Ring Pro

If you compare ring doorbell 2 vs ring pro, it is important to note that the second model is wired. Therefore, the installation process will take a little longer than with the previous version. However, it won’t take too long. The kit includes all the necessary tools so that customers do not have to look for something else. This is a good advantage.

The manufacturer’s website also has a short video about installing this doorbell. If you do everything according to the instructions, it is easy to install the door lock. This process may take you about 10 minutes. If you still have questions, you can find more information in the device’s manual.


Perhaps any person who is going to buy a new device or equipment for the home, look at its design. Everyone wants to have a stylish and modern doorbell so that it looks modern and beautiful. Doorbells hang next to the front door, so it can be seen by neighbors and passers-by. Perhaps that is why we carefully approach the selection of doorbells. Let’s talk about the design of our two smart doorbells.

Ring 2

Most likely, when you first look at a doorbell, you pay attention to its appearance and design. Ring 2 is very similar to the previous version of this model. It consists of two panels. The upper one is made in black, and the lower one is made in white. This is a classic design and color combination. One panel is Nickel, the second is Venetian. Moreover, you will be surprised, you can change the colors of the panels. They are removable. Therefore, if you suddenly do not fit the classic colors or panels just bored you, then you can buy a different color and choose the right option for your exterior. In the middle of the device is a large round button, and under it is written the name of the brand. Around the button, there is a strip of blue light that is visible in the dark, so it is easy to find it if your entrance is dark.

It is also very important to allocate space for the door lock and measure the size of the space where you want to hang the doorbell. As for this model, its dimensions are as follows: 5.05 inches, 2.50 inches wide, and 1.08 inches thick. It will look great next to your front door to an apartment or private house. It doesn’t look bulky or strange. On the contrary, the model is very modern and will emphasize the appearance of your door. Many buyers claim that this door lock is superior to other similar models because it is made of high quality and fashionable. It perfectly matches the style of any door and attracts attention.

Ring Pro

Many consumers who bought the Pro doorbell like the design of this model more than the previous one. The fact is that it looks more like a normal and familiar door lock. It is also more versatile when it comes to changing the color of the front panel. You can change this part to a different color if classic black doesn’t suit you.

Its size is 4.5 by 1.8 by 0.8 inches. Thus, it is thinner than many other models. That is why it seems to merge with the wall and looks very beautiful and attractive. There is a round black button in the middle of the panel. A circle of blue light also shines around it. This is so that you can easily find the doorbell in the dark and press the button.

In short, this doorbell is better than many other options. It is stylish, attractive and stunning. It was made in a traditional style, so it fits any exterior. The doorbell is more versatile thanks to the removable attachments. You can choose the appearance of the call according to your tastes and preferences.


Learning the characteristics of any doorbell is an important step in the process of selecting a new device. It is necessary to consider all the subtleties and nuances so that the doorbell perfectly suits your needs. As for these two models ring video doorbell pro vs ring video doorbell 2 specifically, they differ slightly in characteristics. All the features can be seen in the comparison table below. We hope that it will help you decide.


1080p HD Video Amazon Alexa Integration
160° Field of View 1080p HD Video
Motion Alerts Motion Alerts
Amazon Alexa Support IFTTT Compatible
IFTTT Compatible Motion Alert Customization
Wi-Fi Support Wi-Fi Support
Battery Powered Mobile Application
Motion Zones On-Demand Streaming
Works Wired Cloud Recording

Thus, both models have similar features. If you have carefully studied the comparative characteristics, you will notice that the main difference is in the mechanism of operation. Ring 2 can be either a wired or wireless device. This is convenient because you can choose how you like. As for Ring Pro, it is only a wired doorbell This fact may affect your choice. Another difference is the price. Ring 2 is slightly more expensive than Pro. So, when choosing, consider your budget.

Performance & Camera Capabilities

Today, doorbells have turned from a “ringing button” into functional devices that can improve the security of any home. After all, they allow the inhabitants of the house, without opening the door, to find out who is standing on the threshold. Moreover, it does not matter whether the owner is at home at this moment or on the other side of the world. But it is the quality of the camera and recording that determines the functionality and usefulness of such a device. Let’s compare ring video doorbell pro vs 2 in terms of the quality of this indicator.


Let’s start with this model. It is important to note that the previous version was often buggy. But the manufacturer did everything to fix these problems in the second generation of the doorbell. Now Ring 2 works perfectly without mistakes.

If someone comes to your door and presses the doorbell, you will get a notification on your phone. This feature is available via the mobile app we discussed above. You also have the option to enable online streaming due to the presence of a camera.

What else can I do with a doorbell? We can talk to the person standing in front of your door. For example, if a courier arrives and you are not at home, you can talk to them as if on the phone. This feature is very convenient because you can be anywhere, but control your doorbell.

The doorbell is powered by batteries, so it’s important to know how long this device will last. The Ring 2 manufacturer claims that the batteries will last about 12 months. Many buyers say that the manufacturer does not lie and this is true.

The doorbell has an excellent motion sensor function. This means that if someone passes near your door, the device will send a message to your phone. If you want, you can turn on the video recording just in case. This feature allows you to ensure the security of your apartment.

Some people don’t like that the motion sensor is very sensitive, so notifications can come very often. This factor can be frustrating. But that’s not a problem. The fact is that everything depends on the settings. In the original version, immediately after purchase, the sensor sensitivity is set to the maximum level, so you can simply change the settings and get rid of this problem.

If you want to save a recording of a video that is made by a doorbell, you will have to buy a subscription to this feature. This is a disadvantage. Ring does not allow its customers to use free storage, while many other companies do so for free. If this function is essential for you, you will have to pay. But we can make you happy. The subscription price is quite affordable. You will have to spend $ 3 a month. A subscription will cost $ 30 per year.

As for the video quality, it has been improved to 1080 pixels. This is why the video quality has improved when the image is enlarged. You can find a photo of an image that can show the doorbell.

Ring 2 has excellent quality and integrity of video recording. This allows you to clearly see the face of the person who is standing in front of your door. At night, the video quality is also good. In the previous version of this model, it was worse, but I tried to fix the situation.

As for the quality of the live broadcast, it is slightly worse. Despite this, the clarity of the recording and saved the video stay pretty nice. The sound on the doorbell is very clear and loud, so you can hear everything that is being said to you. The viewing angle is 160 degrees. This gives you the opportunity to see a large space in front of your door and not miss a single detail. In General, the video on the doorbell is very high quality and clear, and thanks to the motion sensor, you will get a notification that someone is near your door.


This wired video intercom captures video in Full HD with 1080p resolution, has a microphone and speaker for two-way audio can see in the dark in the infrared, and can also be configured to ignore movement in certain parts of the frame. The viewing angle is 160 degrees. If we compare ring video doorbell pro vs 2, we can see that the second model has an advantage in recording quality. It`s clearer.

At night, recording and video quality is also good. Despite the fact that it is black and white, you will definitely see a person who came to your apartment. You may encounter the fact that the image is a bit pixelated, but this is not a problem.

A subtle feature of this doorbell is that it can be programmed to ignore movement in any sector of its view. This is very useful if the field of view of the smart call camera partially captures the street, and passing cars on the road leads to constant notifications on the smartphone about traffic. It should be clarified that even if you program the call to ignore the roadway in front of the house, it will still send a warning to the phone and start recording if someone appears directly in front of the camera, coming from the roadway. Live video viewing is free, but viewing and downloading recorded video (for a period of 60 days or more) requires purchasing Ring Protect, which will cost $ 3 per month or $ 30 per year.

Thus, if you try to find the difference between ring doorbell 2 and pro by video quality, there is almost no difference. The quality and clarity of the image on the video are similar. Some users note that they prefer recording in the Pro Ring. It’s probably a matter of taste. Access to the record storage is paid, but the price is small. The sound quality is very clear and loud. Doorbells send notifications to your phone so you can control everything. You can configure the motion sensors so that notifications don’t come too often and in vain.

Mobile Application

Another important aspect is the ability to install a high-quality and multifunctional mobile phone app. This will allow you to control the doorbell even if you are in a different location. The Ring doorbell app is really multifunctional and convenient. The app interface is very clear and simple, so you will understand all the settings right from the first time. It will help you set up a doorbell, record a video, and enable online streaming.

Ring company provides the opportunity to use applications for all devices and equipment. That is, if you have other devices from this brand, then you only need to download one app.

The app is very informative and functional. It will show you the battery level, allow you to set up the doorbell, use the voice function, and much more.

If you want your family members or relatives to use the app and control the doorbell, this is also possible in the app settings. If you don’t want to use notifications, you can easily disable them. You have the option to change the overview of the doorbell. To avoid getting unnecessary notifications from car sounds or noise, you can reduce the sensitivity level of the motion sensor. If you need to see what is happening at the moment near your door, you do not need to wait for notification. Just go to the app and click on Live view.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Doorbell

To finally understand the difference between ring video doorbell pro vs ring video doorbell 2, you can consider the pros and cons of both models. They can be found in the table below.


Pros Cons
There are 4 interchangeable panels so that you can change the color of the doorbell.

The video resolution is 1080p.

Wireless device.

The viewing angle is 160 degrees. It runs on batteries.

Supports Wi-Fi.

There is a special app for mobile phones. Night vision function.

Pixellated Night Vision.

You have to pay for video storage.



Pros Cons
The video resolution is 1080p.

Wireless device.

The viewing angle is 160 degrees. It runs on batteries.

Supports Wi-Fi.

There is a special app for mobile phones. Night vision function.

Pixellated Night Vision.

You have to pay for video storage.

The doorbell is more expensive.


Thus, after comparing ring 2 vs ring pro, we can conclude that these models are very similar. They are in great demand in the market of various home appliances. Many customers are happy with these doorbells, so you will definitely like them.

What conclusions can be drawn?

One of the oldest electrical household devices for apartments and private homes is the doorbell. For a long time, these were exclusively wired devices that require complex installation. Now wireless calls are becoming more and more popular. There were also calls with a video camera. They increase the level of security of residential and non-residential premises. The choice is really huge, it can be difficult to navigate this variety at once. This is why a detailed comparison of doorbells is so important.

In this article, we have tried to gather as much information as possible about ring doorbell 2 vs ring doorbell pro to compare and evaluate both models. These devices are in demand in the technology market because they are versatile and have numerous advantages. Both doorbells are high-quality, practical, equipped with a camera, and allow you to control them from your phone using an app.

Ring 2 Review Summary

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time installing a doorbell, then this device is perfect for you. It will take less than 5 minutes to install, and any novice can handle this action. The advantage of this option is a lower price compared to rink Pro. Thanks to the convenient and practical interface of the app, you can easily configure the doorbell. It is equipped with a beautiful camera with a resolution of 1080p, so you can be sure of the clarity and quality of the image. Any movement near your door will not go unnoticed. The doorbell will send you a notification and you will check if everything is OK with your apartment. It provides you with additional security. Night vision is available, but it is a bit pixelated. However, the image is clear, so you will definitely recognize the faces in the video. Those who bought this model of doorbell are satisfied with the quality of video recordings and online broadcasts.

Ring Pro Review Summary

As for this call, it is a wired device that will increase the security level of your home. It will take about 10 minutes to install. All descriptions are provided in the detailed guide. The doorbell is perfect for all climatic conditions. It will work well in rain, snow, hail, or Sunny day. You can manage it by using your phone. You will receive notifications if the sensor senses movement of people near your door. If necessary, you can leave doorbell management to your family members. The only drawback may be the lack of free storage for video recordings and saved videos. To have access to it, you will have to spend $ 3 a month. This is a low price, so many customers will be able to buy this feature. The sensitivity level of the motion sensors can be adjusted so that you do not receive notifications every minute from the movement of a car on the street or the slightest noise. The device looks very stylish and modern.

What is the difference between ring 2 and ring pro? The main difference is in the price and installation method. Only similarities can be found in the characteristics. However, many consumers note that the image quality on the video is better and clearer in the Ring Pro. Online broadcast looks brighter. Although it is most likely a matter of taste, so make a choice according to your needs and priorities. Ring provides customers with only high-quality devices, so do not hesitate.

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