Hiboy S2 vs Hiboy Max Review 2020

Electric Scooter Review

When gasoline prices are rising every day, and traffic jams are not decreasing, electric scooters will help you save time and money. To make your trip pleasant and safe, it is important to correctly evaluate the characteristics and choose the appropriate model.

We decided to make a comparative characteristic of two models: Hiboy S2 & Hibou Max. In our article, you can find out which model is better to choose and which one will suit you more.


Main features of the Hiboy S2 & Hiboy Max.

If you do not go into details, we can say that Hiboy S2 and Max are very similar. The power of both engines is 350 W, which allows the scooters to accelerate at more than 15 MP/h. The engines are very powerful, but they are absolutely silent, so when using the electric scooter, you will not suffer from unnecessary sounds. Hiboy has established itself as an excellent manufacturer of sports equipment, such as e-bikes, skateboards, scooters, and much more. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find much information about this brand right now. The company’s offices are located in the United States. But now we are not talking about a brand, but specifically about two electric scooters.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Features

Electric scooter Hi boy S2 is a great device for movement. It is equipped with durable and high-quality tires that will ensure your reliability during the trip. It is suitable for both entertainment and moving around the city.

Currently, electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, because they can be used almost anywhere, without thinking about traffic jams, and they cost less than a car. That’s why people love them so much. The hiboy s2 electric scooter is no exception. Many buyers are very happy with the quality of parts and possible speed.

You can use this scooter as city transport. Its speed is 18.6 MP / h, and it can travel 17 miles at a time. Agree that this is a good result. The tires are made of thick rubber to ensure their resistance to damage and bad road conditions. They are very difficult to pierce, almost impossible. It’s a relief since Nico doesn’t want to deal with a punctured tire during the trip.

If you look at the manufacturer’s website, you can find the following information about the quality of the model.


  • The motor power is 350 W, it works silently.
  • Can hold a person up to 220 pounds.
  • The scooter can be completely folded.
  • Speed up to 18.6 MP / h.


Hiboy Max Electric Moped Features

Now let’s briefly talk about the qualities of the next hiboy scooter. The characteristics of the Hiboy Max are very similar to the previous model. It can reach speeds of 18.6 MP/h (29.9 km / h), and it will last for 17 miles. Detailed characteristics from the company’s website are available below.

  • There is a digital control panel on the top of the handle.
  • The frame is made of aluminum.
  • The scooter can be completely folded.
  • Lights are located on all sides of the scooter.
  • The motor power is 350 W, it works silently.
  • Weight is 34 pounds.
  • Can hold a person up to 220 pounds.
  • Speed up to 18.6 MP / h.

The tire size is 8.5 inches. They are made of hard rubber. The frame is made of aluminum, which ensures durability. Double brake system provides safe movement. You can fold the scooter and move it.


Brief comparison.

Electric scooter models are very similar and it is difficult to find any differences at a glance. On both scooters, you will see a hand brake and an electronic one. This is done specifically for extra safety in case one of the brakes fails. The tire size is also the same: 8.5 inches. There is a choice of speed mode: for beginners or sportsmen. To change the speed to hiboy s2 electric scooter, you need to press the button twice, not once.

It is very easy to use and configure electric scooters. If you press the button 1 time, you can change the speed (decrease or increase). When you double-click, you can turn on the flashlight, and if you click 3 times, you will change the speed mode. The quality and characteristics of the models are very similar. In what way, then, do they differ? There are still a couple of details that make these scooters different. You can read about them below.

Similar performance with different designs

The first difference is weight. The Hiboy S2 electric scooter weighs just 28.9 pounds and is 5 pounds lighter than the Hiboy Max. The Hiboy Max weighs 34 pounds. Secondly, you can install a seat on the S2 model if you don’t like to ride the scooter standing up. You can’t do this on the second scooter. You can adjust the level and height of the hiboy S2 seat. It is covered with a very soft and pleasant fabric. This is a great advantage for the elderly or those who have back or leg problems.

S2 has two suspensions. I think it becomes clear that the S2 has great advantages over competing models. Moreover, there is another very important difference that may affect your choice. the Hiboy s2 electric scooter is cheaper. This can be beneficial for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a scooter.

Some users say that Max can rise when the road is tilted by 15 degrees. The only drawback of both models is the long charging time. You will need about 4-6 hours to fully charge your device. Therefore, you need to calculate the time before the trip so that the battery does not run out. Thus, we can conclude that the characteristics of scooters are very similar, but the Hiboy S2 is more attractive due to the price and the ability to install a seat.

Speed, Power & Distance


How fast does it go?

Both electric scooters have lithium batteries and a powerful 330 W motor. Thanks to this, scooters can reach speeds of 18.6 mph and can travel up to 17 miles (27 km) at a time.

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Hiboy S2 and Hibou Max are suitable for people weighing 50 to 220 pounds. you need to take into account the fact that too much weight can affect the efficiency of the engine and speed. People of any age can use scooters. But thanks to the presence of a seat in the hiboy s2 electric scooter, it can be used by the elderly and people with health problems.


What is the range/distance?

Both electric scooters can travel a distance of 17 miles.


Battery Life & Charging


How long does it take to charge?

It will take you 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the hiboy max electric scooter.

To charge hiboy s2 you need to spend about 6 hours. The manufacturer also warns that you should avoid charging for too long. Therefore, do not leave the hiboy electric scooter to charge at night. This can damage the battery and reduce its life.


Battery protection & safety

There is no special information. Scooters are equipped with 270-volt lithium batteries.

How long will the battery last for?

This indicator depends on several factors. Battery performance is affected by your weight, ride speed, and how well you charged the battery. On average, the battery can last for an hour of driving.

Also, note that the Hiboy s2 has regenerative braking. This means that when you go down the hill, the scooter starts charging itself because it does not use the battery. But you should be careful not to use this method of driving for too long. It may damage the battery.


Design and Ergonomics

Now let’s look at the design of these electric scooters. The design of scooters is very stylish and fashionable. It is suitable for both women and men. The design is made very strong and you can not doubt its reliability. On the hiboy electric scooter, you will see a bright and beautiful display. On it, you can find out the speed, battery level, and turning on the lights. There is only one button on the electric scooter: it is located under the screen. The scooter is easy to use, and anyone can handle it. The scooter has two brakes for extra protection. There are two springs on the rear wheel so that you can drive safely even on a bumpy road. Springs will protect you from bumps and jumps. If you want to ride an electric scooter in the dark, then the lights will help you. They are located on all sides of the scooter. The main light is located on the front, two red lights on the back. They are used for braking. Unfortunately, both scooters are not water-resistant. Therefore, it is better not to use a scooter when it is raining.


The frames of the scooters are made of aluminum, the wheels are made of durable rubber.

Does it connect to your smartphone?

You can easily connect your electric scooter to your phone thanks to the app and Bluetooth connection. You can use the app to adjust the speed of your ride. The app is available for both Android and iOS. You can turn on the lights on the scooter by pressing buttons on your phone, and you can also block the scooter so that it can`t be used by intruders.


Build quality and ease of use

Hiboy is not the most popular company, but there are many customer reviews about the quality of this brand’s products. After studying what consumers write, we can conclude that the company produces high-quality and long-lasting products, including scooters.

It is important to keep in mind that such equipment must meet the requirements of fire and electrical safety since incorrect Assembly and manufacturing of parts can lead to serious consequences. However, none of the users encountered such problems. This may indicate the quality of this manufacturer’s products. Hiboy S2 and hiboy max electric scooter have a wide range of features and settings. You will be able to move on the scooter quickly and without effort.


Safety and usability on the road

Both electric scooters have functions to ensure your safety. There are LEDs on the scooter so that you can ride in the dark and see the road. There are also two brakes that will help you out if one stops working. The design is made of high quality. It is strong and resistant. Springs on the back of the wheel provide comfortable movement, as they protect you from bumpy roads. You can be sure that it is safe to travel by plane, but you must not forget about the rules of the road.


Restrictions and availability

The official website of Hiboy states that scooters can be delivered to America, Spain, and Germany. If you are located in another country, you can also purchase this device. Before this, you should clarify the laws and regulations for transporting such equipment.


What we liked didn’t like about Hiboy S2 electric scooter?

In our hiboy s2 electric scooter review, we want to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the device. Let’s start with the pros.  Firstly, quality and price are combined. The price is affordable and lower than similar electric scooters. The construction is very strong and stable. When you turn the scooter, it happens smoothly and without jerks. The motor is absolutely silent, but it is quite powerful (350W). With it, you can drive at high speed. Secondly, the design is very stylish. The scooter is equipped with a display for settings, an aluminum handle, two brakes (for additional safety), and led lights. The wheels are made of rubber. They are larger in size than other devices, but they ride very smoothly even on a rocky road.  Using the app and Bluetooth connection, you can configure your electric scooter remotely. The app will tell you how to set up your scooter. There is also a firmware update on s2 hiboy scooter. The scooter is portable, it can be folded in half and stored on the balcony or in a wardrobe.

If we talk about the disadvantages of the hiboy electric scooter, we can distinguish the following. The only thing that the consumer may not like is too long charging since it takes about 6 hours. Also, sometimes people complain that the rear part can slow down the scooter even when driving on a flat road.


What conclusions can be drawn about electric scooters?

Just a few years ago, electric scooters were an object of entertainment for tourists. But today they are firmly established in the life of the population as a means of transportation in cities and beyond. Therefore, many people are wondering whether to buy an electric scooter.

Tellingly, electric scooters are gaining popularity not only among young people. More and more often you can find people of the so-called silver age taxiing on city roads. People are attracted not only by the relatively low price of the device but also by its ease of operation. In this article, we compared two models of such a brand as Hiboy, which, although not the most popular, is famous for manufacturing qualitative devices for movement. We found out that the characteristics of Hiboy S2 & Hiboy Max are very similar. They can reach speeds of 18, 6 MP / h, go up to 17 miles, and the engine is powerful enough (350 W) to provide you with a comfortable and fast movement on the streets. The design of the models is also similar. They consist of an aluminum frame, rubber wheels, lights, and two brakes. They are made in black color. Scooters are very easy to operate. With the app that you can download to your phone and Bluetooth connection, you can change settings, speed mode, turn on the lights on your smartphone. Thanks to the presence of manual and electronic brakes, you don’t have to worry that you will find yourself in an unsafe situation. These electric scooters are loved by both children and adults.

However, there are differences between the models. Hiboy S2 is lighter in weight, so it’s easier to carry. Also included with the scooter is a seat, which is a good advantage. What could be better than driving around the Park on a scooter? You can control the scooter using a normal app on your phone. There is a function to block the scooter so that it could not be used by intruders. But it is better not to ride a scooter in rainy weather, so as not to spoil it. Charge the battery for 6 hours, but do not leave the scooter charging overnight. The main difference between this model and the max is that it is cheaper.


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