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Every parent when choosing a stroller for a baby is looking for a model that combines many positive qualities. Modern buyers want to find practical, convenient, safe, stylish, and affordable options. A wide range of offers a huge opportunity. Customers can choose from classic models and trendy strollers with many functions. Special attention should be paid to options that combine a standard stroller and a car seat.

Stroller-car seat is a convenient and practical option for modern parents. To transport small children in road transport, you must have a special car seat. It will not only ensure the proper comfort of the child but also increase the level of safety. Judging by the name, it is easy to guess that the design of this type combines two devices. In fact, it is a comfortable and compact stroller with the ability to install it as a car seat.

Most parents want to buy a stroller from a world-famous brand that has been tested and approved by millions of other families around the world. If you want the stroller to be also cheap, you should give up such hopes, because often companies that have achieved tangible success and recognition immediately begin to unreasonably inflate prices “for the brand”. In this regard, it is best to choose companies that, on the one hand, have already made a fairly loud statement about themselves, and on the other, have not yet managed to inflate the prices of their products too much. This is exactly what Everflo is about.

In this article, we want to review Evenflo Sibby Travel System. We’ll talk about a great set that will cost you less than $200. It is suitable for children from birth to 5 years old! You do not have to buy something extra, for 5 years your baby will sit in a very comfortable stroller, and the car will be in a cool car seat. Let’s take a closer look at Evenflo Sibby travel system.


What’s included in the set?

This travel system includes an excellent Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant car seat. It will accommodate a child weighing from 4 to 35 feet. It can be used for babies from birth to 5 years old. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you can easily carry and move the child seat. It is very light, so you can take it with you. The upholstery inside the chair adds comfort for the baby. LiteMax Base weighs only 6 pounds. It is suitable for most cars that can now be found on sale. When developing the design, specialists took care not only about comfort, practicality, and appearance but also about the safety of the baby.

The stroller can hold a child up to 50 pounds. Many buyers say that the best age of the child for this stroller is 2-3 years, but it will also suit a newborn and a child under 5 years old. If we talk about the older child, the kit also includes a Ride-Along Board. This is a great addition for older children. You do not have to search for and buy additional devices, everything goes in one set.


Infant Car Seat

A car seat is mandatory for transporting children in the car for safety reasons. LiteMax Infant car seat is great and comfortable for babies. Its weight is only 10 pounds. It’s light enough. The back is tilted slightly back for full comfort. It holds up to 35 pounds. Its height is 17 to 32 inches. At the same time, its length allows the baby to sit without restraint of movement. Also, it will suit you if your child is tall. The service life is quite long due to the fact that its size allows you to accommodate a child from birth to 5 years. The car seat is easy to install in the car. It is equipped with a safety belt and 2 tilt positions. It will take you less than a minute to install a car seat in your car. You just need to do a good secure click. The car seat is equipped with an ergonomic handle. It allows you to easily and effortlessly lift it together with the baby and move it to another place. Thanks to its light weight, you can lift not only newborns but also babies up to a year old.

We have studied the reviews of many parents who bought and used such a car seat. Most of them claim that the car seat can be carried by bending the arm. This does not cause any inconvenience or pain. The child is safe at the same time. It is not subject to shock and damage. Agree that this is a good offer. Moreover, the car seat has a great canopy to protect the child from sunlight or other things. The chair also has a headrest that will support your baby’s head. The pillow can be removed when the child grows up. The buckles on the car seat may seem a little tight when first used. But over time, they will become more mobile. You just need to use them a couple of times. The crotch, shoulder, and abdominal belts ensure safety during the trip. Their size is easy to adjust as your child grows. If you do everything according to the instructions, you will easily understand how to install and use the car seat. The manual describes everything in detail and clearly, so you will understand.

The car seat canopy is not very large, but it is made with a double protection function with two sunshades. It completely covers your child and protects you from rain, snow, sunlight, and wind. Many parents are happy with this canopy because they do not worry about the safety of their children. The car seat is backward facing. This is done so that you can control the baby and not worry.

Thus, the car seat in Evenflo baby stroller can provide your child with full protection and comfort. The canopy will protect it from unwanted rays and precipitation, seat belts will protect the child during the trip, and the design itself will allow the baby to sit in a relaxed and comfortable position.


Evenflo Stroller – Toddler Seat

The manufacturer claims that the stroller can accommodate a child weighing up to 50 pounds and up to 5 years old. According to the reviews of parents who used this stroller, it is best suited for children 2 years of age. The seat can be in different positions. It is slightly tilted forward so that the child can look and study the surrounding world and nature. With the help of belts, you can adjust the position of your child. The seat is considered very comfortable.

The seat also has a footrest. It can be in 3 different positions. The height can be adjusted as the baby grows. This is very simple and does not require much time. If your child wants to sleep in a stroller, the footrest can be lifted and placed in an upright position. And if the baby has grown up or his legs are long, then the stand can be completely lowered down. This is convenient because you configure it yourself and use it the way you want.

If you want to change a diaper, you can simply tilt the seat back to a vertical position and lift the footrest. Great, isn’t it? And do not look for a place to do it while walking. The stroller has 5 straps. They may be tight at first. But this is only because they are strong and durable. They hold the baby firmly, but they do not give him limits in movement and do not bring pain.

What should I do if the baby gets the seat fabric dirty? This is not a problem. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth and that’s it. Agree that this is very convenient because children often get dirty.


Ride-Along Board

This Supplement is perfect for parents who have two children of different ages. Thanks to the Board, you will get a double stroller. It can be used for preschoolers. You will no longer have problems placing the stroller in the trunk of a car or Elevator, or moving it through a doorway. It is ideal for children weighing up to 50 pounds. You can remove it if you don’t need it. During a walk or trip, the child can sit on it and relax, if the baby has already learned to walk. This is a good option that replaces a full-fledged stroller and is suitable for travel and recreation. Children can ride head-first or feet-first. The baby will need to hold hands. A good option for parents who have several children and one of them can already walk.



When choosing a stroller, consider the type of wheels.  As for the wheels in Evenflo Baby Travel System, they are double. The front wheels turn perfectly in all directions. Thanks to this, you can safely turn the stroller in different directions and not worry about the reliability of the wheels. The rear wheels are slightly larger in size. This is done for maximum comfort of the child. The wheels turn very smoothly, without a jerk, so that the child does not notice it. The wheels are made of plastic. They are great for use on flat roads. You will like how the stroller rides on these wheels. You can take it for a walk, to the park, shopping center or to the city center.



Optional, but very convenient addition. The foot brake allows you to lock and immobilize the stroller so that it does not roll away, if, for example, you decide to walk with a child on the Playground. The brake pedals are located next to the rear large wheels. They are easy to press and work well. You can stop the stroller if you go down the hill.



Walking in clean air has a positive effect on the human body. And such walks are even better for small children. But when you and your child are walking in the open sun, you may have some difficulties. For example, hot sun rays can Shine directly into the baby’s eyes. This problem can be solved by a canopy.

The canopy consists of 3 panels so that you can adjust its size. The canopy can cover the child up to the knees or shins, depending on the age of the child. As for the window in the canopy, you will see a grid tab in it to let in light, but protect it from negative influences. But this window is only available for a new model of stroller, so before you buy it, check which model you are buying.

Thus, the Sibby travel system has an excellent protective canopy for the child. If the baby is sleeping, and the back is reclined, then thanks to the mesh window, you can look at it and check whether everything is fine. The mesh perfectly lets in fresh air but protects from the sun. Many parents are very happy with this canopy because it covers the child and gives shade up to the baby’s knees.



Evenflo Sibby Travel System may appeal to you thanks to its ergonomic handles. This is the most common option for strollers of a similar type because they are high-quality and comfortable. With them, it is very easy to control the stroller and turn it. They are quite strong and reliable and will serve you for a very long time. Many parents like strollers with one handle. But we are sure that people will like these two pens. They are located at the optimal height. They are so shaped that it is convenient to wrap your hands around them.


Maneuverability and ease of use

Referring to the numerous reviews of parents left on various sites of the world wide web, we can conclude that strollers-car seats are convenient to use. It is practical and easy to operate the design with two handles. With the advent of strollers-car seats, there is no need to carry heavy and bulky carriers in your hands. It is enough to get the model and spread it out in full size, it is convenient to transport it with the help of wheels. Convenient and well-coordinated design changes size and shapes almost instantly, without much effort. Walking with a stroller through the streets of the city will pleasantly surprise you with excellent maneuverability even on bumpy roads.

Thanks to the 4 wheels, the stroller is very easy to manage. It turns perfectly in different directions while doing it smoothly and calmly. You can easily and effortlessly lead your baby in a stroller, and there may be an older child next to you on the Board. It is easier to drive than similar small and even full-size strollers. As for the car seat, it will fit into any car. It is easy to install behind the back seat of the car by clicks. You can find out the rules for using the Evenflo litemax 35 strollers and car seat using the detailed guide. There is a description of all possible functions and features of this stroller.

Storage space

The Evenflo Sibby stroller boasts a large bin under the seat. We have studied a lot of reviews from parents and found out that storage bin is really quite large and roomy. Every parent understands that a walk with the baby often has to take a lot of things, because you may need anything. In storage bin, you can put everything: diapers, sliders, dry and wet wipes, change of clothes, water bottles, medicines, and much more. Storage bin is an advantage and competitive feature compared to other similar strollers.

Indeed, this is one of the largest bins that can be found on such light and compact strollers. You don’t need to think about which bag to take with you to put all the necessary items. You can just put them in a bin under the seat. It is especially convenient if you are going on a short trip, a visit, or a long walk. Moreover, it is available both from the front and back. You can easily get your things from any side. There is also a small pocket on the stroller. It is located on the back of the backrest. You can put your small things in it, such as your phone, headphones, wallet, or napkins.


Weight, size, folding

Now let’s focus in more detail on the characteristics of the Evenflo stroller, because often the choice of parents depends on them.

The stroller weighs only 13 pounds. It is very light, so it is easy to carry, lift up and downstairs, move around. Due to their weight, strollers are suitable for people who have health problems, back pain, and cannot lift heavy things. It can be raised by mothers who have suffered a difficult birth or cesarean section. Due to its weight and size, it can also be taken on a trip.

Under the seat fabric, you can find a belt. If you pull it, the stroller will fold. When assembled, it takes up very little space, so it can be stored in the trunk of the car. You will need less than 1 minute to assemble or disassemble the stroller. It’s very simple and fast, isn’t it? Any novice parent can handle this.


What accessories are also included?

First, Evenflo Baby Travel System has a Board for older children in its kit. We have already discussed it in detail above. Secondly, the stroller also comes with an evenflo cup holder for parents. It is adjustable in size, so it will fit any container you use. It is suitable for bottles, glasses. What could be more beautiful than sitting in the Park with a child and enjoying your favorite tea or juice? Just be careful. Before folding the stroller, remove the Cup holder so as not to break it. This is a great addition to the stroller that can be useful while walking or traveling. Few manufacturers add this accessory to their strollers. Moreover, the price of a stroller is democratic, so it is doubly pleasant and profitable. We are sure that you will like this attractive offer.


What color of stroller can I choose?

If you want to choose a stroller for a boy or a girl, then you have this opportunity. The design of the stroller is very stylish and modern. It will definitely appeal to fans of fashionable things. You can choose from 4 color options. The manufacturer produces strollers in shades such as blue, crimson, charcoal, and gray.

Separately, we need to say about the material. The manufacturer claims that it makes the woven parts of the stroller from a fabric that has increased durability and is less susceptible to the destructive effects of an active small passenger. It is relatively easy to wash such a fabric, it is not too susceptible to contamination in principle. The fabrics are very pleasant to the body, especially for babies.


What other parents think about Evenflo Sibby Travel System

Every customer likes to study other people’s reviews before making an important purchase, so as not to waste money and not buy low-quality goods. Everflo is not the most popular company, but it has been gaining momentum in sales in recent years. That is why there are not so many reviews. But we tried to study and compare all the reviews of parents who used Evenflo Sibby Travel System.

In short, all the reviews are positive. Parents note the many advantages of this stroller. Everyone writes that it is light, maneuverable, inexpensive, and multifunctional. It is easy to fold and disassemble. It doesn’t take much time. Many also like the roomy bin, which fits all the personal items necessary for the baby. The canopy is made of very high quality. The stroller is compact and comfortable. The Cupholder is a great addition to the stroller.

Of the disadvantages, some parents note the impracticality of the Board. When the child is standing, the canopy interferes and restricts the view. This is not all convenient. Some note that the folding mechanism does not always work, but this is the exception rather than the rule. It all depends on the preferences and taste of the buyer.


Pros and Cons

What advantages and disadvantages can be identified?

Pros Cons
The stroller is perfect for children from birth to 5 years old.


Together with the stroller, you get a comfortable child car seat that meets the safety requirements in the car. It is easy to install in the machine.


Good wheels provide maneuverability and the ability to drive on narrow roads.


The stroller can be folded quickly and easily.


It is very light. Thanks to this fact, it can be easily transferred. When folded, the stroller takes up very little space. Great for traveling.


Multi-position reclining seat with adjustable footrest


Under the seat is a large and roomy bin.


Excellent single stroller with the possibility of expanding to a double for the older brother (with a swinging Board)


The set includes a Cupholder.


There is an opportunity to choose the color of the stroller.

No parent organizer/tray.


Before you fold the stroller, you need to remove the Cupholder.


Double front wheels can get stuck on rough terrain



Thus, Evenflo Sibby Travel System is a great stroller with a car seat that will last you a very long time. The affordable price makes it affordable for many parents. You can say that the stroller grows with your child. You can start using it immediately after the baby is born when it is still small and can`t even sit. After a while, when the child is already sitting and even begins to walk, the stroller will also fit him. This is very profitable because you do not have to buy a stroller again and again.

This inexpensive model will be a great purchase for:

  • parents who are trying to save money and do not want to spend too much money on such a device,
  • parents who have one baby, but want to give birth to another,
  • parents who have several children of different ages.

If you want to buy Evenflo litemax 35 strollers, do not hesitate, you will like it.



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