Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Towel Set Review

Few people will refuse to take a relaxing bath and wrap themselves in a soft Terry towel. We so like to relax in the bathroom in hotels and Inns. Everything looks luxurious, elite, and premium. But how to create such an atmosphere and style of the house?

That’s right, you need to buy a good towel. A towel is an indispensable item that is necessary for any home. It is in his gentle arms that we plunge after a relaxing shower, trust him to take care of the face or hands, and complement the design of the bathroom and kitchen. For someone, the towel becomes a loyal and gentle friend for several years, and for someone a great disappointment and a source of problems. To always belong to the first group, it is important to avoid mistakes and be able to choose the right towel.

The question of choosing a towel with enviable regularity arises before every person. Sometimes you just want to refresh the design of the bathroom, and more often you need to replace a worn and faded, which has become hard and rough in just a couple of washings of a friend. In any case, you should choose a towel seriously and carefully, paying attention to the material, density, absorbency, durability, and many other characteristics. The types of towels and their selection criteria will be discussed in this article.

Such a well-known brand as Chakir Turkish Linens has created a line of incredibly beautiful and pleasant towels. They are insanely pleasant to the touch, soft for the body, and gentle for the face. They will make your bathroom fashionable, stylish, and the interior will become modern. But does the actual quality match the ad? Let’s take a closer look. This turkish towels review is about Chakir Turkish Linens.

If you give a brief description, you can limit yourself to the following points.

  • Pros: Soft, pleasant to the touch, luxurious, suitable for machine washing, easy to dry.
  • Cons: Pilling
  • Conclusion: They can decorate any bathroom, suitable for any interior. They have a double edge and a beautiful weave.
  • Our estimation: 5/5

 About The Product

Towels for the bathroom are not only an interior item that can emphasize the design of your bathroom, make a color accent, bring a twist to it. It is also a necessary household item that we use every day. Chakir Turkish Linens produces a huge range of different items for the bathroom. You can buy almost everything for the bath, from large Terry towels, hand and face towels, to bath mats. The range is incredibly huge, so you will definitely find something for yourself and decorate your bathroom with high-quality and stylish accessories. Moreover, towels look modern and primitive, so at home, you will create the atmosphere of an expensive hotel. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get this set and create a luxury hotel atmosphere in your home bathroom.

  • What are towels made of? They are made of high-quality and 100% real Turkish cotton. This natural material is very pleasant and soft, perfectly absorbs moisture, never causes allergies. Terry towels made of cotton are an absolute classic. Cotton continues to be the most preferred fabric for both bath and kitchen towels. It does not give up its position, despite the appearance of a new generation of materials, both natural and artificial. The unpretentiousness of cotton fabric in care is relevant for bath textiles. The durability and wear resistance of cotton made it a favorite among other materials used for sewing towels.
  • The manufacturer makes 14 color options, and the set includes 4 towels.
  • Double stitching on the edge;
  • Natural dobby weave in the design;
  • The towel size is 27” x 54″.

If you want to improve the appearance of your bathroom, but not to make an expensive repair, then just buy a towel from a brand like Chakir Turkish Linen. These quality and plush towels will appeal to all family members.

What Customers Are Saying

After studying Turkish towels reviews, we have formed a certain opinion about the attitude of people to the products of this company. Many customers were pleasantly surprised that the towels are very pleasant to the touch, fluffy and soft, despite the small price. The quality is incredibly good, and the price is budget. Moreover, many people said that the quality of towels does not deteriorate even after a year of use. They stay as good as new for a long time. You can often wash towels and be sure that their appearance will not change.

Some customers wrote that when they opened the package, they saw protruding threads. Perhaps this was due to transportation. In this case, you just need to carefully cut the threads and then wash the towel in the washing machine in the delicate washing mode. Then the towel will have an attractive appearance and quality.

We also want to focus on such a fact as drying. Some towel buyers said that after drying the towels in the air, they became a little less fluffy, but their quality did not change. It is worth noting that towels have an excellent ability to absorb water very quickly. After drying, this quality does not disappear. You just need to pay attention to the care of chakir linen. If you do not change the shower towel every day, remember an important rule – after each use, it must be straightened and dried. Do not leave a wet towel crumpled or folded, or throw it in the Laundry basket.

Buying Advice

In today’s world, many people have switched to online shopping. This is not surprising since prices in online stores are lower than in regular stores. For a set of 4 high-quality, soft, and beautiful towels, you will give about 38 dollars. This is a great combination of price and quality. Moreover, delivery from online stores is usually free. And the delivery will only take a few days. You can choose the desired color from the image, and not spend a lot of time going to the store and choosing the right product. Chakir Turkish Linen makes a whole range of towels and bathmats that are made with the same materials. If you want to add a bath mat or get another set of towels you can do this all through Amazon as well and save from any further shipping costs.

The only disadvantage of such a purchase is the lack of warranty. However, Turkish linen bath towels are made of high-quality material. The brand cares about its reputation, so they are responsible for each set of towels produced.

The Verdict

The quality of our life is becoming higher and higher. We try to surround ourselves with good-quality, beautiful, safe things, and items, and we approach the purchases we make with a balanced approach. We choose products carefully, excluding the spontaneity of purchase. And this applies not only to furniture, home appliances, and electronics. Even buying a new beautiful towel with an illiterate choice can turn into an annoying disappointment and a waste of money. Let’s try to summarize everything that you need to remember and consider when choosing towels.

Chakir Turkish Linens will please you with their products. With them, you can easily change the image of the bathroom. All classic quality standards are met in the production of products. Towels are available in a wide range. Various sizes and colors will appeal to anyone who wants to buy them. All materials are subject to mandatory verification, so there are no drawbacks for the brand. A large Terry towel — without it, it is difficult to imagine taking a bath or a good relaxing shower.

How nice it is to get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a soft towel, and with Chakir Turkish Linen to do it even more pleasant. Buy a set of 4 towels right now and enjoy your shower every day.

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