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If you want to buy a 4×6 photo printer soon, then we have done all the hard work for you. Thanks to this article, you can learn how to choose a photo printer, what to pay attention to, and you can also get acquainted with the 7 best models that will please you with their features and functions. When we use the word photo printer, most of us think of a very specific device connected to a computer and embedded in a specific environment: a Home Studio or an online printing point. However, in addition to large stationary models, there are portable photo printers. They can be put in a pocket or a small purse, they do not need a computer, an outlet, and a change of cartridges. But they can print a paper copy of the photo they just took at least on the other side of the world.

If you want to find printers connected to wifi but offline, be sure to read this article. We are used to thinking of printing equipment as something huge and dimensional. But progress does not stand still and now manufacturers offer a large selection of portable printers of pocket sizes. They work on conventional batteries and they are easy to connect wirelessly, you can use them to print photos from your phone in a mini format and full. With the help of connecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can print photos without extra wires.

We reviewed the best models of photo printers, described their functions, made a list of pros and cons, and also studied the reviews of customers who have already used each specific model. After reading this article, you will have all the necessary information to purchase a compact photo printer. The market for portable photo printers is relatively small but very rich in manufacturers. Here you can find stamps that belong to the” Golden age ” of photography: Kodak, Polaroid, Fujifilm. There are also current manufacturers of office and photographic equipment: Canon, HP, Epson, Brother. Finally, new global players from China are actively interested in the niche of mini photo printers: Huawei and Xiaomi. That is why it is so important to study all the details. Well, let’s get started.

Best Home Photo Printer

All devices in this article are designed to quickly print high-quality photos in a couple of minutes. These miniature devices have the main goal – to instantly print the photos you like for you, regardless of whether there is an outlet or a stack of photo paper nearby. They take up little space and are always ready to work. You can rate devices from Canon, Kodak, HP, and Epson, as well as compare all the devices and choose your favorite.

If you are looking for a printer for 11×17 color print outs, you can take a closer look at HP Envy, which will allow you to make a full-fledged printing of images and photos at home. Well, we are starting a detailed study of portable photo printers.

What are the main advantages of portable photo printers?

Question: Perhaps the main thing that interests many buyers is the quality of printing compared to a large printer.

Answer: photo printers can surprise you with a combination of photo quality and ease of use. To manage the printer, you need to connect it to your phone using the app. It is available for both Android and IPhone, so the choice of printer will not depend on what kind of smartphone you have.

Printers allow you to print photos with a very high-quality image and high resolution. Photos are bright and clear. Of course, it depends on the model, but in General, all photo printers make it possible to enjoy a beautiful paper photo. It is important to note that photo printers can be divided into two groups. There are pocket printers, and there are compact ones. The difference between them is not great, but it is there. And all the details should be taken into account before purchasing such a device. We will give you a list of the top 5 models of each group of devices to make your choice easier. Now we want to go into more detail about the points that may influence your decision. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Types of printers: Pocket v Compact

If you are looking for a photo printer that you can often take with you on a trip or for a walk, then pocket suits are perfect for you. The fact is that they are designed so that they can be put in a bag or pocket and walk along with it. Photo printers have a huge number of functions and features that will help you write photos or documents anywhere. Today, manufacturers from various countries are determined to provide customers with a huge selection of mobile printers to print documentation. Each printer has its own characteristics and price. The cost is related to the brand and quality of the gadget, as well as its functionality. To determine the difference between mobile printers, you need to study their parameters and features.


The connection method for portable devices is often carried out via Bluetooth. There are more innovative devices that support Wi-Fi wireless network standards, as well as older ones with an infrared port. If you purchased a printer with a Wi-Fi connection, you need to keep in mind that you need access to the network. It is also important to note that many photo printers allow you to store photos in a storage such as Google cloud. In our article, you can find the best google cloud printer, which will allow you to save your favorite photos and print them at any time. This is convenient if you can’t print a photo right away, but don’t want to lose it.

Battery life and charge times

Before buying a photo printer (or any other device in General), you need to study the battery characteristics. Photo printers are most often charged using micro USB. This is the most common option. However, you will have to take into account the fact that not all manufacturers put a wire in the kit. Therefore, before purchasing the device, check this question so that you do not have to buy an additional cable. You can charge the battery in about an hour. Of course, the charging time depends on the model of the photo printer. But most often this is the most common time.

As for the working time of the photo printer, it can print for about an hour without recharging. So, if you are suddenly going on a hike and want to immediately print new photos with beautiful views of nature, consider this fact. Print speed allows you to take a lot of photos in a few minutes, so charging the printer should be enough for a long trip.

Size and weight

The main advantage of compact photo printers from stationary ones is their size and weight. These printers are designed so that you can take them with you and not be limited to the place where you print photos. They weigh much less than full-fledged printers, so many people take them on trips and trips in case they have to print a document or photo. However, not all models have a properly designed design, so pay attention to the appearance of the device. Some models may be inconvenient to pick up or put in a bag.

If you plan to work with PDF and Word doc, then you need to think about a special case or backpack for the printer. Many manufacturers make excellent backpacks for printers, which are equipped with strong backs and straps for additional reliability of the design.

And how much will you have to pay for such a printer?

Fortunately, on the market of home appliances, you can find a huge number of different manufacturers that offer models of different price categories. You should count on your budget and wishes. There are $ 100 models in the range that will print your great photos. If you consider more expensive options, you can buy a device with many functions and features for $ 200. Photo printers are produced by many modern well-known brands, such as Epson, LG, Polaroid, and others, so competing firms are trying to attract customers with a combination of price and quality.

Pocket v compact – which is the best portable photo printer?

So, we touched a little on the main points that are very important when choosing a photo printer. Compact or pocket-sized printer? It’s up to you, of course. The choice depends only on your wishes, preferences, and priorities. Before buying, study the main characteristics of the device so as not to make a mistake. Now we want to pay more attention to other qualities. For any printer, important characteristics such as the speed of printing and, image resolution, print type. Moreover, it is important to match the price and quality. You need to understand whether it is worth buying a device for printing photos or it is more profitable to go to the nearest printing house.

Pocket photo printer explained

Compact printers are an indispensable thing for people who love to print photos and store them in paper form, not on their phones. They look like small boxes, but they have many functions. You can connect this little box to your Bluetooth.

With a photo printer, you can easily write yourself a beautiful photo without effort. The fact is that the printers are made using a special technology ZINK inkless printing. It allows you to print photos quickly. You may think that the printer doesn’t even have ink. And the secret is in this technology. The paper has a surface that is covered with a special material that, when heated, displays ink.

If we talk about pocket printers, they are very similar to the previous ones. However, the size of the paper on which you can print a photo is slightly smaller. It is limited to 3×4 inches. You can also connect your device to Wi-Fi and control it using the app.

Pros Cons
The price is quite affordable. For $ 150, you can buy a great photo printer with many features. The print is very high-quality and clear.

No extra dirt and ink stains thanks to the technology.

The design is very stylish. There is a large selection of colors.

The design is light and compact.

Photo paper made of zinc is more expensive, although it is of higher quality.

Limited print size.

Top 5 Pocket Printers – 2020


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

On the store shelf, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer hardly stands out among other compact photo printers. However, closer acquaintance makes this model the best in our rating.

Technically, however, this printer is hardly unique: a miniature, with an average price tag, filled with standard paper size, created by Zero Ink Printing technology. Syncing with smartphones takes place via Bluetooth via the HP sprocket branded app, available for Android and iOS. Hp google cloud printers are loved by many customers.

It is the application that turns the Sprocket HP Photo Printer to an interesting device. In the internal editor of the program, before printing a photo, you can apply various filters, text, decoration elements, frames, and add an invisible code that the smartphone camera will later perceive as a geotag description, or recording code. Through the HP Sprocket app, the printer can access galleries on social media pages or cloud storage. If you like this printer, you can also read the hp sprocket vs polaroid zip article. In it, we compared the main characteristics of devices, such as printing speed, image quality, cost, and convenience when using the printer.

Main feature:

  • Fast mobile printing via Bluetooth smartphone connection.
  • Connect Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social profiles.
  • Add emoticons, text, and fun effects to your photos.
  • Fits perfectly in a bag or purse.
  • Included are 20 sheets of Zink HP paper.


Pros Cons
The price is affordable.

The printer has excellent functionality.

The manufacturer is a leader in the technology market, so you can`t doubt the integrity of the company.

The image quality is very high.

Quick print.

The compactness and portability of the device.

Charging takes less time than other devices.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

The success of Polaroid Zip provides a number of factors, including an elegant appearance, simple and convenient management (consisting, in fact, of a single power button), and a well-honed application for the iOS and Android platforms. We also recall that the zink Zero Ink printing technology used by most compact photo printers was developed with the direct participation of Polaroid. In the case of Polaroid Zip, this means that the quality of the photos it receives is slightly better, and the supplies are slightly more affordable than most competitors.

Main feature:

  • You can add text and voice recordings to your images.
  • The device is very compact and light, you can take it with you on trips and on walks.
  • Add a secret QR code so that others can access it.
  • Free download of the Polaroid ZIP app for iOS or Android.
Pros Cons
Perfect for printing Instagram and Facebook photos.

Small and lightweight, excellent portability.

Good photo print output.

You need to carefully understand the app before using it.

LG Portable Mobile Pocket Photo PD261

This NEW LG PG261 pocket printer was liked by many users. At least, this is what the reviews on various online platforms say. The main advantage of this portable device is the fact that it can be connected not only to an IPhone and IPad. The 4 x 6 photo printer supports Windows, so you can choose which technology to use it with.

Main feature:

  • Extra sync support for Windows OS.
  • Photo size of 2” x 3”.
  • Charges via Micro USB cable.
  • Super lightweight at just 6.4 ounces.
  • Robust design, perfect for teenagers.
Pros Cons
Very convenient to use.

Quality printing.

Convenient app.

In General, a great device for printing photos.

Unfortunately, there is no color choice. Not everyone likes pink.

SereneLife PicKit20 Instant Wireless Mobile Printer

PicKit has a great advantage, such as size. It is surprisingly very thin, which makes it compact and portable. You will definitely like 291dpi photos from your mobile phone. Dual extruder 3d printer kit comes with paper and cartridges, so you don’t need to buy anything extra for the first time. The app is available to all customers, and it is also very easy to use. You will definitely be able to manage all the settings. The printer has NFC function, which is a feature.

Main feature:

  • Special combined ink cartridge and paper refill kit.
  • Single charge will print out 25 full-color images.
  • Free image editing software/app.
  • Compatible with all major devices and brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.
  • Optional Wi-Fi connection for home use.
Pros Cons
Very compact and portable.

The price is quite democratic.

The print quality is very good.

You can easily add text to a photo.

The company is not one of the most popular.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Portable Printer

One of the fastest devices in this selection. It produces images in just 10 seconds, which its competitors can`t boast of. You can print up to a hundred images on a single charge. The battery is fully charged in just an hour and a half. You will be pleased with high-quality images using OLED technology. If you download a special app for 12×18 laser printer, you can make minor adjustments and changes to photos from your smartphone before printing. The kit also includes 60 sheets of paper and a cloth for cleaning the printer, which is a good addition to the device.

Main feature:

  • Uses two lithium batteries (non-rechargeable batteries).
  • Customize photos with the free templates on the app.
  • Quick upload to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.
  • Reputable brand, high-quality print output.
  • Ideal for kids, no messy inks to contend with.


Pros Cons
The printer is very quiet. The photo quality is excellent.

The brand is one of the best manufacturers of photo equipment.

The kit includes additional details.

The price is higher than for similar printers.

Compact photo printer explained

Now let’s focus specifically on compact photo printers. They can boast a large number of useful features that are necessary for real photo lovers. They are larger in size and weight, so you will have to take a backpack or bag to carry them. These printers most often have a display on the top of the design so that the user can preview the image.

What is important to consider when choosing a compact photo printer? First of all, it is the price. The price often determines the quantity and quality of the device’s functions. Many manufacturers include such features as copying, scanning, and mobile connection in such equipment.

Pros: These printers are more durable than pocket printers. They can copy and scan images. They are smaller than desktop printers.

Cons: the printer is larger in size than a pocket and less attractive. They take up more space.

Top 5 Compact Photo Printers – 2020


Canon SELPHY CP1200 Portable Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

This 4×6 printer is available in black or white. The flagship model from Canon has a more than three-inch touch screen that can be rotated. Equipped with the function of creating collages, uses a sublimation type of printing. Equipped with a powerful and reliable battery for several dozen photos. Prints photos in the size of 4×6 with an extension of 300×300 dpi. There are several ways to connect to portable devices. This is a wireless Wi-Fi connection, USB cable, memory card slot. This model is difficult to call pocket, but you can take it with you on vacation. In fact, if you don’t mind the size and weight, the Canon SELPHY CP1200 is one of the best portable photo printers. Thanks to the editing functions, you can improve the brightness of the photo, remove red eyes, change the size of the photo, and much more.

Main feature:

  • Edge-to-edge printing with no margins the size of a postcard.
  • The app for managing your printer from your phone is free.
  • There is a slot for a memory card. The device is light.
  • Automatic image optimization for best print results.
  • The printer is made of durable materials, so it will not be broken by children.
Pros Cons
The compact printer comes with consumables such as a cartridge and printing paper.

A photo print must be stored for many years at the request of the manufacturer.

There is a rotary display and syncing with your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, as well as connecting via USB cable. Excellent combination of price and quality.

Slight “edging” across some photos.

HP Photosmart A536 Compact Photo Printer

The next 12×18 color laser printer does not use wireless printing, but it is included in our list due to the print quality. You can use the printer with a cable. The print resolution is 4800 x 1200, which makes it possible to get incredibly clear and contrasting photos. The 1.5-inch display allows you to check as much as possible from the image to the direct print to get cool photos.

Main feature:

  • Super-fast 6 x 4 color printing.
  • Includes a CD-ROM, USB cable, three-color ink cartridge, and user manual.
  • Optional Bluetooth wireless adapter.
  • Panoramic printing of 4 x 12 photos.
  • The device weighs about 3 pounds. It is convenient to take it with you on vacation.


Pros Cons
The printer is based on the most modern printing technology.

Paper is inexpensive, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on printing.

The photo quality of 4800 x 1200. This is the best indicator for printing photos.

For fast operation, you need to update Windows 10.

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi 4×6” Photo Printer

Many customers liked the Kodak station for its high print quality and ease of use. You can print by sending images from your phone or tablet, so it’s so easy to use. If you have iOS, you will need to use an adapter. But do not worry, it is already included and you do not have to buy anything yourself. This printer can be called best cheap all in one printer for Chromebook.

Main feature:

  • Kodak one-touch printing.
  • D2t2 heat transfer technology is used.
  • Connect to mobile phones, digital cameras, and a USB drive.
  • Fast charging for your phone when docking.
  • There is a free photo editing app with templates and different features.
Pros Cons
Easy to use device. You can understand how it works in a couple of minutes.

Sublimation printing is used, so the photos are bright and colorful.

Great for using the printer at home instead of a stationary one.

The price of prints, or rather paper and ink, is higher than that of other printers.

Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer

This 4 6 photo printer is great for fans of high-quality paper photos. Images are bright and rich, but they are resistant to water, sun, and scratches, so the photo will be stored for a long time. The device will print the image in 40 seconds. Externally, the printer may not seem very attractive, but if we talk about features, it is one of the best portable printers.

Main feature:

  • Stylish design with an ergonomic carry handle for “printing on the go”.
  • Print in full color, black and white, or Sepia.
  • Clear the instructions on the screen using the 2.5-inch preview screen.
  • Large selection of printed layouts, including wallet, classic border, illiterate and proof sheet.
  • Optional Bluetooth adapter for wireless printing.
Pros Cons
Prints photos very quickly.

A high-quality display helps you manage your printer.

Compact and lightweight. Many functions for working with photos.

The price of the printer is higher than that of some manufacturers.

Brother WorkSmart MFC-J880DW Compact All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Brother Work Smart is a wonderful 12×18 printer that can replace a home stationary printer. It is suitable for offices because it takes up less space. You can use a mobile or cloud connection, which is very convenient. The printer is quite compact and stylish. This portable printer is great for printing documents and photos, so you will definitely be satisfied.

Main feature:

  • It can print about 10 pages in a minute.
  • Wireless printing via the 802. 11b/g / n network.
  • The large 2.7 display allows you to control the process. prints
  • You can print double-sided images, as well as postcards and maps.
  • Print or scan directly via NFC connection with your smartphone or tablet device.
Pros Cons
The printer is easy to set up and start working with thanks to its intuitive interface.

The price of paper and ink is affordable.

The photo quality is excellent.

The manufacturer is going to release a new version soon to replace this one.


So, we have given you a list of the best compact and pocket photo printers in 2020. You can use them to print your photos quickly and efficiently. If you do not care about the size of the printer, but it is important that the photos are large, you can buy a compact printer. Well-known brands such as Canon, LG, Kodak, HP, and Brother can make you sure that printing will be high-quality, fast, and clear.

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