Best Cordless Battery Operated Hand Blenders


The submersible blender is a universal device that reduces the cooking process. It does not need long-term Assembly, takes up little space, but the functionality can compete with food processors. With additional attachments, you can chop hard vegetables, chop ice, grind coffee beans and nuts, beat eggs, cream, make puree and baby food, smoothies, and much more. The hero of our current rating and the subject of close consideration is the immersion blender.

When working, it is held in the hand, and special attachments are used for cooking various dishes. Using such a blender, the hostess is not limited by the capacity of the device, and she chooses how many products and in what capacity to knead. The development of technology has long made life easier for our Housewives, professional cooks, and lovers of cooking something delicious.

Everything has become so automated that the choice of programs and a simple press of a few buttons able to perform the complex task of food preparation. Also, one of these indispensable appliances in the kitchen has become a wireless blender. Functionally, it is no different from a conventional blender that is powered by the power supply. It is still designed for chopping food. However, the main advantage and difference is the presence of a built-in battery, designed for a fairly long time of operation. This device is convenient because it does not need to look for a socket for its operation, if necessary, you can safely take it to another room, take it with you on a trip to nature and cook mashed potatoes for your baby in the fresh air, give friends fruit cocktails to drink. As a rule, most cordless blenders are submersible — consisting of a working part, additional attachments, and a bowl. During the grinding process, the working blender is immersed in a bowl with products, where they are processed. The working part of the blender is a handle made of metal or plastic with a steel rod, the end of which is equipped with replaceable steel knives of high quality.

If you are looking for the best cordless blender for yourself and your family, then read our review of the best brands.

Best Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

1. Cuisinart CSB-300

We want to start our ranking of wireless blenders with the Cuisinart CSB-300. This is a universal kitchen assistant that will definitely surprise you with its functions. For operation, there are 5-speed modes that can be switched using mechanical adjustment. Users note that this blender can handle even tight dough, not to mention chopping all kinds of products. Its advantage is also an excellent electric attachment for knives. The battery capacity is 7.4 amps.

Attachment and Accessories

The functionality of the blender directly depends on the configuration. Here everything is selected individually, depending on what the user purchases the equipment for.

  • Electric Knife Attachment. Designed for bringing soft or liquid products to a uniform consistency directly in a glass, pan, or any other container.
  • Whisk Attachment and Gear Box. This attachment turns the blender into a mixer. You can beat eggs, cream, cream. Suitable for those who periodically bake confectionery.
  • Chopping Lid
  • Chopping Blade, Blending Shaft, Storage Pouch
  • Work Bowl. In it, you can mix all the ingredients.
  • It has high walls, so it is convenient not only to measure the liquid in milliliters but also to beat liquid products.


The size of this stylish and trendy blender is 2.99″ x 2.99 “x 18.74”. This cordless hand blender is BPA-free. You can easily adjust the speed depending on the required function. it is recommended that the submerged leg and cutting elements be made of stainless steel, since the metal is resistant to high temperatures, unlike plastic. This blender comes with just such a shaft. Its length is 9.5 inches, so it is easy to use for mixing products. Moreover, on the Cuisinart blender, you will see a button that you can use to block and unblock power, change the speed. The button is located on the back of the handle.


With this cordless hand blender, you can easily prepare mashed potatoes, milk and fruit cocktails, soups. With it, it is easy to make dough for pancakes and beat milk foam, chop herbs, nuts, and vegetables. And you can do it anywhere because you will not be looking for an outlet. And the choice of attachments is so wide that you will definitely find something suitable for yourself.

You are still in doubt in the blender? Then you will definitely like that it copes even with solid products. Cuisinart CSB-300 will easily crush cheese, ice, rivers, herbs, and more. Moreover, the set includes a special attachment for slicing bread. You can take the blender to nature, on a picnic, or on a trip. It does not take up much space but works quickly and efficiently.

Variable Speed Control      

The blender can operate in 5-speed modes. Therefore, you can control the degree of grinding of products yourself. It will cope with liquid, soft and solid ingredients. The speed can be changed by pressing the button on the handle. It’s very simple. How do you know if you’ve changed speed? Using special blue lights. They will tell you.


The CSB-300 has a good 7.4 amp battery. It is the quality of the battery that determines how long your blender will last. One charge is enough for 20 minutes of continuous operation. Moreover, the manufacturer has made a fast charging function, so you can charge the device quickly and without problems. PH will be a great helper in the kitchen.


  • It works very fast.
  • This is a wireless, rechargeable hand blender
    • Fast charging function
    • 5-speed modes.
    • Automatic function lock / unlock.
    • Build quality.
    • Not a bad package.


  • To make it work, you need to press two buttons.
  • Its weight is slightly more than that of other blenders.


The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty.

2. Braun MQ940CC Cordless Hand Blender

Let’s go to the next sample in our review. In second place, we put the Braun MQ940CC Cordless Hand Blender. Let’s look at it in detail. This is a delicious cordless mixer that will help you quickly chop food anywhere. You can use it on a picnic, in the Park, or on a trip. It is quite easy and convenient to use. Attachments and accessories

What is included with the blender?

Complete with a blender, you will get a beaker for measuring products and liquids. You will also get a jug blender with a volume of 1.25 liters. And a great bonus will be the ice chopper.


The unit evenly grinds and mixes the loaded components, allowing the owner to independently choose the desired consistency. It is made so high quality that you can easily cope with the grinding of products. It is a function of stirring blades, so you will be able to mix solid fruits.

The blades of this battery-powered blender move up and down, making rapid movements. They blend ingredients smoothly and thoroughly and capture more of the product. You can chop food in any container, even in your favorite pot.

The Braun MQ940CC has a slim and comfortable handle. It is easy and comfortable to hold. It looks very stylish and modern, so it will definitely decorate your kitchen with its design.


You will definitely like the performance of this battery-operated blender. Very sharp and hard blades will cope with chopping hard, frozen and dry foods. You can quickly and effortlessly prepare yourself a vegetable puree, berry smoothie, milkshake, or simply chop ice.

With it, you can grind, RUB, mix, and beat. This device alone is enough to replace a mixer, food processor, and meat grinder. At the same time, it takes up little space, is disassembled and washed easier than other equipment. To make a puree of hard types of products, you will need to pre-cut them into small pieces, adding a small amount of water. With this manipulation, the device will easily turn the products into a puree-like state.

Speed Control

The blender has one speed, so you should choose the degree of pressure on the products. The submersible foot is made of hygienic stainless steel, which does not emit harmful substances when in contact with products. The knives are equipped with four self-sharpening blades that can quickly chop or mix food. The handle is very comfortable to hold in your hand, additionally equipped with a non-slip coating. In addition, the set includes a measuring Cup. The volume of the grinding bowl is 500 ml.


The battery is lithium-ion, so you can be sure that the blender will last you a long time. This cordless immersion blender can run for 20 minutes without charging. Moreover, you will be pleased with the fast charging function. It takes only 15 minutes. A full charge will take two hours.


  • Special function that regulates splashes and drops.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Changing attachments does not require extra effort.
  • It will fit additional accessories from other models, so it is universal.
  • It is made very high quality.
  • The price is low-cost.


  • There is only one speed limit.

3. KitchenAid Pro Line Series

The third blender on our list is the KitchenAid Pro Line Series. This is one of the best wireless blenders on the kitchen appliance market. It is quite powerful and convenient. If you have a submersible model, you can use it to chop different types of vegetables and fruits in any containers. This blender has a small size, many options, and can turn any products into puree in a short time. Such a device will be indispensable if you regularly make soup-puree, smoothies, or various sauces. It is very efficient and productive. Portable blender battery-operated, so you don’t need an outlet.


This handheld food processor is equipped with knives, the blade of which is made of stainless steel, they practically do not blunt during operation, so you can chop products in such a device within seconds. Along with the unit comes a mini chopper, whisk for whipping and measuring Cup, and a special nozzle is also provided, the shape of which is designed in such a way as to prevent splashing of products. The model is universal – you can cook a large number of different dishes in it. There is also a charger. Among the accessories, you will find an S-nozzle for minced meat and a star nozzle for ice and solid products.


It looks very stylish, elegant, and fashionable. But these qualities are perfectly combined with its power. With 5 interchangeable attachments and 2 levers, you can chop and mix any food. It is used by many women because it is very powerful and effective. It is easy to take with you on a picnic, on the road, or on vacation.

Like other brands, this blender is equipped with an on/off button, power button, and speed change. It is very easy to use, so even a novice can handle it. Thanks to the light indicator, you will see the battery level and speed. The handle is very comfortable and made of high-quality material. Moreover, you can not worry about security at all. All knives are protected by special covers so that you do not get injured or cuts. The bowl is made of high-quality plastic, so when using a blender, it does not emit harmful substances that are dangerous to health and life.

The blender will perfectly grind any product and ingredient. All these tasks are performed by the device due to the motor installed inside the housing. It starts high-speed rotation of the attachments or knife, which allows you to get the desired consistency of products. At the same time, the blender does not take up much storage space, it is easy to place in a small kitchen.


With 3 blades, you can cook anything you want. This very useful cuisinart smart stick variable speed hand blender is designed to crush berries, vegetables, fruits. You can also prepare porridge, various sauces, batter, soups, and purees, whip up drinks, creams, smoothies, and mousses, and chop ice.

Speed Control

This excellent hand blender has 5-speed modes, which is very convenient in cooking different dishes. You can use the button to increase or decrease the speed of the blender. This button is located on the back of the handle. You can see the speed on the led indicator. It is very easy and convenient..


This 12-volt blender has a Li-ion battery. It works longer than other wireless blenders. Thanks to the battery, the blender works very powerfully and quickly. It will take you 3 hours to fully charge the battery. What’s more, you don’t need to charge the battery at 100%, it works even when the battery is low.


  • Easy and convenient handle of the blender.
  • Led indicator that shows the speed and charging level of the battery.
  • Easy to change attachments.
  • Large selection of accessories and modes.


  • The price is slightly higher than other brands.


The manufacturer of this blender provides a 5-year warranty.

Among the variety of kitchen assistants, a special place is occupied by an immersion blender that can speed up the cooking process, saving the user time and effort. Today, almost all well-known companies that guarantee the reliability and quality of their products are engaged in the production of submersible devices. However, despite all the advantages of the equipment, when choosing a blender, you should pay special attention to such characteristics as the number of working speeds, power, battery, nozzles.


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