Best Bowflex Home Gym Guide: Top 8 Picks in 2020

Bowflex Home Gym


Today, the choice of sports equipment intended for installation at home is really very large. And if earlier you could say about the Swedish wall in the children’s room and everyone would understand you, today a lot depends on the correct terminology. When planning a purchase and choosing a place for simulators, you should understand what you can look at.

If You have decided that it is time to start working out, lose a few pounds, gain energy and fitness, but there is no determination or time for a gym or fitness club yet, then there is a solution – a Bowflex home gym. However, if you have never used such a simulator before, you may face a choice problem. Therefore, you can read our article to understand all the details of the choice and find the best option.

The Bowflex Blaze gives you the ability to perform more than 60 different exercises. This is unbelievable. Home gym is suitable for professional athletes who want to keep fit, and for those who want to put their body in order and remove excess weight.

This article is about choosing a home gym. We want to tell you what details you need to pay attention to when choosing a device, how not to make a mistake in choosing, and also offer the best Bowflex models that you will find on sale. We are sure that after reading this article, you will be able to choose the best option for yourself and not spend a lot of money.

How to Choose the Best Bowflex Home Gym?

What is the point of buying a simulator for working with a certain group of muscles, if for the same amount you can buy a multifunctional device that will allow you to conduct a full workout at home? These simulators have several advantages-they are designed for people with different physical fitness, are safe and easy to use, and allow you to work out a variety of muscle groups. On sale, you can find very inexpensive and very functional models.

The key advantage of Bowflex Home Gym is the ability to work out any muscle groups. This setup allows you to perform 30-60 exercises, many of them at the same time. This is especially true if you need a simulator for family use.

However, you should not expect results in one day. Your figure will depend on the effort you put in during your workout. The harder you work, the better the result will be. Do not give up and stick to the training plan, then your body will be toned, and your muscles will be strong. Even if you buy the most modern and expensive multifunctional exercise machine, this does not guarantee a quick result. Training on simulators requires a combination of many factors: nutrition, regime, and intensity of training. Only in this case, you can achieve a positive effect.

Before you buy a home gym, you should choose a training program. The choice of sports equipment will also depend on this. For example, if you do not need cardio training, then you should not choose a treadmill. Everything will depend on your needs.

The Differences Between Spiraflex vs Power Rod technologies

Manufacturer Bowflex claims that the home gym is designed to train all muscle groups due to different levels of tension during training. You will be able to adjust the level of resistance that is placed on the higher body to achieve the maximum result.

With Power Rod technologies, you will pump your body and be fit. Power rod technology increases resistance during strength training. In short, at the very beginning of training, the simulator does not create resistance. But during the exercise, the resistance will increase. With this function, your muscles will gradually work and swing. As for the Bowflex Spiraflex technology, the device allows you to maintain resistance during training.

Thus, the Power Rod function gives you the ability to increase your muscle mass and improve your body’s silhouette by increasing resistance to the body. If you just want to maintain your body shape or burn extra fat, then the Bowflex Spiraflex function will suit you. It does not change the resistance, but it is no less effective.

Check the number of available exercises

Muscle mass is a coveted dream of many men and the exception of many women who believe that muscle will make them dorks. How aesthetically pleasing the inflated body looks depends only on the subjective ideas about the beauty of each person, but the real benefits of muscle mass for health is an indisputable scientific fact, so everyone who wants to stay young and beautiful for many years, should train.

Bowflex home gym allows you to perform strength training for all muscle groups. All models of this famous brand allow you to do exercises on the upper muscles. With it, you will improve the appearance of your biceps, triceps, infraspinatus muscle, trapezius muscle, and the entire back.

What about the muscles in the lower part of the body? The legs are the largest muscle group in the human body. If you want to pay attention to them when training, then check the model before purchasing this home gym. Not all options available on the market, there is equipment for the muscles of the lower torso. But if the model provides this feature, then you will be able to pump the biceps, quadriceps, buttocks.pump the biceps, quadriceps, buttocks.

Consider the dimensions of a Bowflex machine

Before buying a home gym, it is important to understand where you will put it in your apartment or house. A multi-station doesn’t take up much space when compared to several stand-alone simulators. However, prepare a place for your device in advance.

If you have a garage, you can place a home sports car there. This is convenient because you can study when you have free time and desire. You will not depend on the schedule in the gym and the prices for season tickets. You can go to the garage to work out at least every day. If you want to install the unit in an apartment but do not have enough space, then the Revolution model will suit you. It takes up much less space, but it is no less effective for performing exercises on all muscle groups.

You should take into account the fact that all models take up a lot of space. If you live in a house, it is easier to find places to host a home gym. However, if you have an apartment, it will make it difficult for you to choose. Of course, all models differ in size. You can choose the smallest Box flex option, but it will still require a certain amount of space.


Search for the most budget-friendly option

Every person is concerned about the prices of the goods they want to buy. If we talk about prices for home gyms, they depend on the model you choose. If you are interested in affordable options, you can find designs that cost less than $ 600. There are also more expensive offers. For example, expensive models include those that cost about $ 2,000.

It is clear that the price has an impact on the quality of the home gym. On cheaper simulators, you will be able to perform a limited number of exercises on certain muscle groups. If you have purchased a more expensive option, you will have access to about 60 different training sessions. In this case, everything depends on your goals and desires. So, if you are a professional athlete and want to continue to increase muscle mass, then you are better suited to an expensive option with a large selection of exercises. But if you are new to sports and just want to lose extra pounds and lose weight, you can buy a model like the PR1000.

The 8 Best Bowflex home gyms in 2020

So, we have sorted out the main details of choosing a home gym. Even the cheapest models will help you start training and get excellent results in the field of sports. The manufacturer has made sure that their products can be used by both professionals in big sports, and those who have just decided to try themselves in training and improving their body. We want to present you a list of the best Bowflex models at different prices so that you can choose the best option for yourself and use it to the maximum.


Bowflex Blaze – The best overall home gym

This best Bowflex machine tops our list due to its versatility. If you purchase it, you will have access to more than 60 different exercises and 7 training shelves. With this simulator, you will get the first results after a week of training. It`s suitable for both athletes and simple sports lovers.

Bowflex Blaze relies on the Power Rod technology to generate the resistance. Resistance during training can reach 210lbs. Good result. But if you need more, it’s possible. You can increase your resistance during training to 410lbs.

This home gym is equipped with an aerobic rower. You can also use a barbell to squat. You will be able to pump your legs, do a bench press. All this makes the simulator very effective and one of the best. It combines the qualities of expensive and democratic models of this brand. So, this is the best Bowflex home gym for everyone.

Pros Cons


About 60 exercises are available. Home gym allows you to train all muscle groups. To change the type of exercise, you will have to change the cables. During training, this takes time, so you need to make a training program in advance.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • The weight of the home gym is 207 pounds, and its dimensions are 130 x 42 x 35 inches.
  • Several cable positions allow you to perform individual exercises.
  • Based on power rod technology.
  • Resistance during training can be increased to 410lbs.

Bowflex PR1000 – The most affordable Bowflex home gym

Now let’s move to a more democratic option. Despite the fact that the PR1000 is an inexpensive model, it can still surprise you with its quality. Thanks to it, you can perform 25 different exercises during your workout. This is an excellent indicator. Moreover, along with your home gym, you will get a roller pillow. Its size is 4 inches. It is made to train the leg muscles.

Resistance training equipment ranges from 5 to 210 pounds depending on your needs. However, you will not be able to exceed this figure. You can also use the simulator as a rower. This is a great option for fans of cardio training. This will help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

If you want to start doing weightlifting, then you will like the home gym. You will be able to build muscle mass, even though the resistance is limited to 250 pounds. On the design, you will see a media rack. It can be used for your phone to turn on your favorite music and not trained in silence.

Pros Cons


The price is more affordable. At the same time, the quality is excellent.

The presence of a media rack allows you to put the phone.

You can do both weightlifting and cardio training. There is aerobic rowing.

No squat bar


What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • The weight of the simulator is 144 pounds.
  • Features of leg extension
  • The resistance reaches up to 210 pounds.
  • The bench can be converted into a rocking seat for rowing.


Bowflex Revolution – The most versatile Bowflex home gym

What is special about this model and why is Bowflex Revolution included in our list? It uses a technology called Spiraflex. Thanks to it, the resistance during training will not change. We discussed this technology in more detail above.

As for the resistance, it is 210 pounds. This is a good indicator. But if that’s not enough for you, there’s an option to upgrade your resistance by 300 or 600 pounds for leg training. This is a good addition. The home gym is equipped with a quick-change function, which is quite convenient during training.

If we talk about the number of available exercises, it reaches 100. This is an incredible indicator. With the help of this device, you will be able to pump the muscles throughout your body, back, abdomen, arms, and legs. Moreover, the home gym can be folded. Therefore, when assembled, it does not take up too much space at your home. This is a huge advantage

At the home gym, you will see a vertical bench press. This guarantees the ability to pump your arms and back. This is one of the most expensive simulators of this brand. But the quality of the simulator and the number of functions justifies the cost.

Pros Cons


The home gym can be folded. This will allow you to save some space at home.

You can perform up to a hundred different exercises.

The presence of a vertical press.

It is one of the most expensive among home gyms.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • The machine has 38.2 x 65 x 72.8 inches and it weighs 230 pounds
  • Allows users to perform over a hundred exercises
  • Features the Quick Change System
  • Leg press station has the maximum resistance capacity of 600lbs

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE allows you to perform more than 70 different exercises. With it, you can pump your entire body. Bench press, squats, and twists will be available thanks to this home gym. It boasts many other features and features for training.

The design is based on the technology of power rods. Resistance in a normal workout can reach 210 pounds. This is a good indicator. If you want to increase the resistance, upgrade the gym to a resistance of 410 pounds.

The Quick Change System allows you to quickly switch between different positions. It is very simple and fast. However, the model does not allow you to do aerobic rowing, so the device is not suitable for cardio training. But it’s a great setup for strength training.

The frame of the structure is made of steel. It is very reliable and strong. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a warranty of 3 years for the frame and 10 years for the rods.

Pros Cons


There is a training belt.

You can perform up to 70 exercises.

Ability to update the resistance.

The manufacturer provides a warranty.

You can’t do cardio training.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • The frame of the structure is made of steel.
  • 5-way handles and ankle cuffs
  • Updated resistance capacity
  • It has an ergonomic seat with a high-density polyurethane cushion.


Bowflex PR3000

Bowflex PR300 allows you to perform up to 50 different exercises. You can find similarities between this model and the PR 1000. Both models are based on the function of power rods. This allows you to use 210 pounds of resistance during your workout. But the PR300 is an improved model. The resistance has been upgraded to 310 pounds, which is a good advantage.

What else is good about this model? It has a Quick Change System. It allows you to do exercises efficiently and smoothly, as well as save time during training.

Unfortunately, this Bowflex machine does not have the ability to fold it compared to the PR 1000. You will not be able to do aerobic rowing, so cardio training is not available. However, it is a great option for weight training. However, the PR3000 allows you to do more different exercises for all muscle groups. It is great for beginners and professional athletes.

Pros Cons


The manufacturer provides a 7-year warranty on the rods and a 1-year warranty on the frame.

The price is more affordable than for other models of this brand.

You can’t do cardio training.

There is no media stand or squat bar.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • There is a vertical bench press for pumping the muscles.
  • The resistance can be increased to 310 pounds.
  • There is a function of the quick-change system.
  • You can perform more than 50 different exercises for all muscle groups.

Bowflex Xceed

As for the initial resistance of this home gym, it is 210 pounds. However, if you think that this indicator is too small, you can update the resistance. So, it can be increased to 310 or 410 pounds. This is a good advantage of the model since you choose the resistance yourself. Moreover, every detail of the device is made so that it adapts to your training plan and to each specific exercise.

Bowflex Xceed allows you to perform leg exercises, squats, and other actions. The disadvantages of the model include the lack of a quick-change function. You can also do anaerobic rowing on this device.

The seat of this home gym can be adjusted. It has special padding to make your workouts as comfortable as possible. The frame of Bowflex gym is made of steel. It is strong and reliable, so it will serve you for a long time. You can perform up to 65 different exercises. Thanks to the design, you will pump the muscles of the upper and lower torso. The price is quite affordable, so you don’t have to spend too much money on a home gym.


Pros Cons


You can perform up to 65 different exercises.

The price is quite affordable, so you don’t have to spend too much money on a home gym.

A home gym doesn’t require a lot of space.

It will take time to update the resistance to a better indicator.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • The vertical crossbar.
  • Technology uses the power of the web.
  • The x-shaped base provides additional stability.
  • Home gym weight: 157 pounds.
  • The frame is made of steel.

Bowflex BodyTower

The BodyTower model can be used for upper body training. You will be able to pump up your arms and back. This home gym does not generate resistance. It is produced by the body itself during training.

You will be able to perform about 20 exercises. This is not the best indicator. However, the hand barbell has 7 levels, so you will definitely pump your hands. Also, you will not be able to do cardio training, but strength training will be possible.

The frame is made of steel. It is strong enough to provide you with a safe workout. You can be sure that the Constitution will not break.

Pros Cons


You will be able to do about 20 exercises on the upper torso.

The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty.

It is not possible to do cardio training.

You can`t do exercises on the leg muscles.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • The resistance of body weight
  • The weight of the structure is 113 pounds.
  • BECAUSE of the adjustable operation of the bars.
  • There are 7 levels of vertical crossbar available.

Bowflex Ultimate 2

In the Bowflex Ultimate 2 model, you can adjust the resistance from 5 pounds to 310. This is very cool. This result is achieved using power rod technology. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade the resistance to 410 pounds.

You can do a full workout with this design. There are 95 different exercises available for both the lower and upper body. The size of the structure is 44 X 46. You can fold it to save space. However, it takes up quite a lot of space, so choose in advance where to put and gym.


Pros Cons


Availability of a rowing simulator.

The ability to do up to 95 exercises on the entire body. Designed to train the upper and lower parts of the torso.

It takes up a lot of space at home.

What can we say about the main characteristics?

  • Includes an adjustable main pulley system as well as a cable pulley system without replacement
  • Equipped with a preacher’s Curling attachment
  • You can train your whole body.
  • You can increase the resistance to 410 pounds

What conclusions can be drawn?

If you don’t have a lot of time and money to go to the gym regularly, then you can buy a home gym. It is easy to use, multi-functional and replaces many individual simulators. The Bowflex brand produces a variety of Bowflex models for home gyms for Amateurs and the real professionals of the sport. You will definitely be able to choose the appropriate option for yourself. In this article, we have compiled a list of Bowflex home gym models.

You can choose the design according to your budget. So, if you want a budget option, you can buy a Bowflex PR1000 or PR 3000. They will provide you with the ability to do full-body workouts.

If you want a home gym that will allow you to do up to a hundred different exercises, then you can look at Bowflex Ultimate 2 or Bowflex Revolution. In any case, you will definitely choose a home gym, depending on your tastes and preferences.

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