Best Beer Fridge and Coolers – Top 10 Selections For 2020

homelabs beverage refrigerator


Beer Fridges and Coolers were once an attribute of expensive hotels, then moved to offices, and today they are found in an increasing number of apartments. Anyone who has had to deal with it, probably, could appreciate its many advantages. Beer Fridge is a great place for expensive alcohol because it supports optimal conditions for its storage, and when guests suddenly come home, a collection of wines, whiskey and liquors will be very useful. They can store juices, sodas, and other beverages to keep them cold. Such devices are more useful than ever on hot summer days. What could be better than to enjoy a refreshing drink when it’s hot outside? Let’s figure out how to choose a beer refrigerator for home and office and what is important to pay attention to. We also want to present you with a list of the top 10 Beer Fridges and Coolers, so that you can choose the best option for yourself.

HomeLabs 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator

The first best beverage fridge from the hOmeLabs brand. This company is famous for the production of high-quality appliances for the home. The first best beverage fridge from the hOmeLabs brand. This company is famous for the production of high-quality appliances for the home, so you do not doubt the durability and quality of the refrigerator from this company.  Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this device.

Capacity and Shelving

The homelabs beverage refrigerator can hold 120 standard cans of beverages. But you can put even more. The fact is that the racks can be adjusted, so you can make the distance between the shelves wider or narrower. There are 3 strong and high-quality shelves. You can put in the refrigerator not only cans of beer but also bottles of wine, juice, or water.

Temperature Control

Before you buy homelabs mini-fridge, you should decide what drinks will be stored there. There are products designed to store only one drink or several that require approximately the same temperature conditions. If you plan to store an extensive and rich collection of alcohol in the mini-bar, it is better to take a multi-temperature model, wherein some parts of the bar is supported, for example, 36 F, and in others-50 F. The freezer compartment is also sometimes unnecessary.

In this refrigerator, the temperature range is between 33 and 55 degrees. This is the best option for almost all drinks, so you can not worry that the drink will spoil in it. The fan inside the device allows you to control the temperature. The sensor on the refrigerator shows the temperature without deviations.



At first glance, Dasein homelabs beverage refrigerator looks very stylish and modern. The design itself is made in rich black color. The frame is made of stainless steel. The door is glass and completely transparent. This makes it possible to look at the drinks even when the refrigerator is closed. There are led lights inside the refrigerator. They glow blue. The lighting is very pleasing to the eye, so you can enjoy the view of your favorite beverage collection even in a dark environment. Due to the minimal heat generation during operation, LED lamps do not heat the interior space and the contents of the compartment. This allows you to keep food fresh for a longer time, and the refrigerator uses less electricity to restore the temperature balance after opening the door. Also, led lamps do not emit infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which negatively affects the quality of products or wine.

The glass door also has a display with touch buttons for control. With them, you can change the temperature of the refrigerator in a couple of seconds. There is also a recessed handle on the door, which will provide you with a convenient opening and closing of the refrigerator.



With regard to the installation of the refrigerator, it is very simple and does not require much effort. All you have to do to turn on the refrigerator is to plug the wire into the outlet. Select a suitable place for the refrigerator, so that the outlet is not far from it, and also make sure that the fan is not accidentally blocked. The design itself does not require a special Assembly. The only thing you need to do is install the door. Any non-professional can do this. To assemble the refrigerator correctly, read the manual in advance. The instructions have a detailed description of the operation of the refrigerator. All this will take you a couple of minutes.



Today, mini-refrigerators of the compressor type continue to be used. Modern technologies allow to significantly reduce the noise level, and the compressor system is not inferior to its analogues in other parameters. Often these beer refrigerators are put in offices, apartments, in not the most expensive hotels, and even on cottages.

The hOme Labs 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator is also a compressor option. It works almost noiselessly. Also, the compressor is quite powerful, so it quickly reaches the temperature that you set thanks to the touch buttons. Moreover, the refrigerator is equipped with a temperature sensor. This is done in order to prevent the formation of ice on the inside of the refrigerator and the covers. The automatic defrosting function allows you to get rid of frost and ice, so as not to harm the effective operation and performance of the device.

The pros and cons

As for the advantages and disadvantages of homelabs mini-fridge, you can find them in the table below.






The refrigerator has a capacity of 120 cans.

The frame is made of steel, and the door is made of glass. The door is transparent and comfortable.

There are blue LEDs inside.

Inside there are 3 shelves. They can be adjusted and moved.

If you want to place wine in the refrigerator, you can fit 60 bottles.

The refrigerator has a temperature display.

Cools down to 38 degrees.

There is an automatic freeze function.

The refrigerator legs can be adjusted.

The top shelf is warmer than other parts of the refrigerator.

The shelves sometimes don’t seem very strong.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, DBC120BLS


The first thing to decide when choosing a beer bottle fridge is whether it should be built-in or stand-alone.

Embedded products are often chosen for hotel rooms, as well as offices, where you do not need to focus on the presence of such a product. In residential apartments, built-in refrigerators are also very popular. The wine Cabinet can be conveniently placed in a wall, table, chair, or other pieces of furniture. An additional plus is that you do not have to spend time and effort searching for a model that would fit into the interior, because only technical parameters come out in the first place, and it is easier to make a choice here. The doors of the bar refrigerator can be transparent or not, the execution materials can be combined, and there can be from one to three or more compartments-there are lots of interesting and exclusive options. The advantage of a refrigerator with glass transparent doors is that you can see what is inside. If you want to install this installation in the store, customers can quickly choose their own promo, as they will be able to see what options there are.

If you are looking for a glass mini fridge with a transparent door, then this model is perfect for you. The space of this mini refrigerator will allow you to hold 120 cans. So, you can buy a lot of cans and not run to the store often. But you need to take into account the fact that the refrigerator is designed for the standard size of the container for drinks. If you need to put bottles of wine, you will be able to accommodate a smaller number of cans.

The set includes three shelves, the height of which can be adjusted. It turns out that you can make two shelves wide and one narrow. Well, or Vice versa. It all depends on your needs. For example, if you have several bottles of wine and a couple of cans of beer, you can fit the wine on a narrow shelf in a horizontal position, and put the cans on a wide shelf. Adjusting the height is very simple. This feature allows you to fit as many different bottles and cans of drinks as possible.

Moreover, this model is equipped with a lock on the door. This is done to protect the contents of the refrigerator. If you have children, you can be sure that they will not accidentally take out a bottle of alcohol and drink it.

The refrigerator body is made of stainless steel, so it is very durable. The temperature inside the refrigerator is from -43 to -57 degrees F. Your drinks will stay cold and fresh. Thus, this is a high-quality and practical beer refrigerator that will become a part of your interior.





The refrigerator space is designed for 120 cans.

Transparent window to see what’s inside.

Possible temperature range: 43-57 degrees F.

Three shelves. Their height can be adjusted.

There are light bulbs inside. The blue color looks very beautiful and calms.

Recessed door handles look and feel better

There is a lock on the door.

Energy-efficient design.

Reversible door hinges for right and left hands.

The temperature does not always fall below 50. The minimum temperature is worse than in other refrigerators.

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

We are sure that many readers of this article have heard about such a brand as Igloo. Isn’t it? The company is famous for manufacturing appliances for kitchens, refrigerators, coolers. The manufacturer has an excellent reputation in the market for such products, so you can be sure of the quality of the device.

You should immediately clarify that this refrigerator is a universal device that is designed to store not only cans of drinks but also other products. You can safely put food and drinks in it. This model of refrigerator is loved by many customers for its design and stylish appearance. Most refrigerators are only available in 2 colors (black and white). If you want to choose a more interesting and fashionable option, the manufacturer will take care of it. You can purchase pink, blue, orange, silver or purple. The design looks very nice and stylish.

What else can surprise you? This model of refrigerator has the ability to change the direction of opening the door. If you are left-handed or you just don’t like opening the door to the right side, you can take it off its hinges and turn it over. This feature is not available in all refrigerators, so it is a good advantage.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. You need to take into account the fact that there is a freezer inside the refrigerator, so you will not be able to put as many cans in it as in other versions. However, you can adjust the shelves and adjust their height according to your preferences.

Thus, the Igloo refrigerator is a universal option for those who want to store in it not only cans of drinks but also other food. There are can holders on the door. It is energy-saving, so you will not spend a lot of money on electricity. Stylish design will decorate your interior/ You can put the device in a hotel or billiard room, as it is very stylish and attractive.





3.2 cubic feet of space.

Large selection of colors and shades. Stylish design.

Built-in freezer.

You can store food in it.

Shelves can be adjusted

You can change the direction of the door.

Adjustable legs for stability

Configurable thermostat.

Saving mode.

The sides of the refrigerator can get hot, but this is rare.

NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator


What is the best drink temperature for you? Someone likes slightly cold juices and soda, which will cool a little. And someone loves slightly frostbitten drinks. When pieces of ice appear on the edges of the jar and you drink a cold fresh drink. If you are one of these people, then this model of refrigerator will suit your preferences and tastes. The fact is that few cooling devices can do this freezing. To achieve this result, you need to have a powerful compressor, and not everyone has it, but you will love this mini beverage fridge.

The New Air refrigerator will allow you to cool your soda cans to a temperature of 34 degrees F. At this temperature, just the pieces of ice may appear on the edges of the cans. This is a great option for those who like slightly frozen drinks. However, you should keep in mind the fact that it is better not to set this temperature constantly. In this case, the refrigerator will work at full capacity. Because of this, it will not be able to maintain this temperature for a long time after some time.

As for the internal structure of this cooler, you will find 5 shelves. You can adjust them, adjust the height, and do whatever you want. Thanks to this, you can make any container out of the refrigerator and put cans of bottles of any size in it. The refrigerator is quite compact, so you can even transport it. The capacity of the device is designed for 126 cans. This is more than most beer refrigerators. All these qualities make this model one of the best in the world.

Moreover, the refrigerator works almost noiselessly. You will be surprised by this fact because we are used to hearing the refrigerator work. This device works at 35 decibels, so you won’t hear any noise. Thanks to the size of the device, you can place it anywhere. You need to consider one more point. The ventilation device is located on the back, so you need to keep it clean.





The refrigerator capacity is designed for 126 cans.

The door is made of glass. It’s transparent.

The frame is made of stainless steel. It’s solid.

Cools to 34 degrees Fahrenheit

5 shelves that can be adjusted.

The compressor operates at 35 dB. It is silent.

Recessed handle for better appearance.

Inside, the lights are shining.

There may be problems with the lowest temperature.

There is no lock on the door.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

The Winter brand may be familiar to you, as this company is famous for its high-quality air conditioners and fans. But on the list of equipment from this manufacturer, you will also find an excellent cooler. It can be called a great refrigerator that will make your drinks cold. There is a glass door on the refrigerator, so you can see the contents inside. The handle in the refrigerator is not recessed inside.

What is special about this soda fridge? You can adjust the light yourself. You can leave the light on even if it is closed. In most refrigerators, the light turns on automatically when you open the door, but sometimes you just want to see what’s inside and not open it again. Agree, this is a great feature.

As for temperature conditions, according to the manufacturer, it varies from 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people who have used this device claim that the temperature can drop to freezing. Therefore, if you are a fan of cold and refreshing drinks, the refrigerator is perfect for you.

As for the internal structure, there are 5 separate shelves, as in the previous version. This allows you to store not only cans and bottles but also food in the refrigerator. Just keep an eye on the temperature. The shelves are made of high-quality metal, so they can last you long enough.





The refrigerator capacity is designed for 120 cans.

The frame is made of stainless steel.

Stylish and modern design.

The door is made of glass.

Temperature range 36-65 degrees

The lighting inside the refrigerator can be left on when the unit is closed.

Inside there are 5 shelves that can be adjusted.

Reversible door for convenience

The compressor is very quiet.

Sometimes there are problems with the temperature regime below 50 degrees.

Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Compressor Beverage Cooler

Let’s move on to the next best mini fridge for beer. At first glance, you will think that this refrigerator is smaller than the others. Yes, it is. It is not as large and roomy as other models. But if you need a small, but high-quality and powerful refrigerator, then this option will appeal to you. It doesn’t take up much space, so you can place it in a convenient location. The stylish design of the refrigerator allows it to fit into any interior. Its black body and silver door frame will decorate your home.

This mini drink fridge is energy-saving. It allows you to save on electricity, which is why it is so profitable. Moreover, the refrigerator compressor is quite powerful but very quiet. You will not suffer from unnecessary sounds and engine noise. Agree that this is really an advantage because many refrigerators work too loudly.

The temperature range can be from 38 to 50 degrees. You can be sure that it will keep your drinks and make them cool and fresh. Inside the refrigerator, there are blue light bulbs that are very nice to sanctify and calm. In the dark, lighting does not put pressure on the eyes but calms them. So it is a great quality refrigerator that will store your drinks.





The capacity is designed for 106 cans.

The design is very stylish and modern. The refrigerator is smaller in size, it is compact and convenient. The lighting is blue. It is pleasant and soft even in the dark.

The temperature range is 38-50 degrees.

Inside there are 6 shelves. They are removable and adjustable.

Sometimes the outer part of the case heats up if it works for a long time in the most possible mode.

EdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can Beverage Cooler

Ventilation in any refrigerator is very important because it provides air circulation and weathering of unpleasant odors. Most often, the ventilation is located on the back of the refrigerator. Therefore, you need to choose the right place for the refrigerator, so that the ventilation is serviceable. You can`t block the fan, so you are limited in choosing a place for it. But what if you want to put a refrigerator under the bar? Here you will have to choose a model that has ventilation on another part of the device. In this case, you will definitely like Edge Star. The fact is that the ventilation equipment is located on the front of the refrigerator. This means that you are not limited in your choice of location. Put the refrigerator wherever you want. Thanks to this arrangement of ventilation, it will remain intact in any case. This is a great advantage compared to other models.

What else is good about this refrigerator and cooler? You will find a locking lock on the door. You can be sure that no outsider can get a drink from the refrigerator without your knowledge If you have children, they will not be able to accidentally find a jar of alcoholic beverages and drink. Few manufacturers can boast of such a feature.

As for the main characteristics of the refrigerator, the glass on the door is tinted and strong. The refrigerator capacity is designed for 80 cans. Shelves are extendable and adjustable. Overall, this is a great refrigerator that will keep your drinks cold.





The refrigerator capacity is designed for 80 cans. Shelves are extendable and adjustable.

The refrigerator is very compact.

Ventilation is located at the bottom of the front of the refrigerator.

Reversible door for convenience.

The glass on the door is tinted.

The parts are made of stainless steel.

There is an automatic freeze function.


Shelves can be pulled out and adjusted.

Digital operator.

There is a security lock on the door.

The compressor is slightly louder than other refrigerators.

Sometimes there are problems with the lowest temperature.

Marshall MF3.2-NA Medium Capacity Bar Fridge.

Are there any music lovers here? You will immediately think about the connection between the refrigerator and music. Marshall will convince you that there is a connection. The exterior of this refrigerator looks like a Marshall amp. Imagine that you have a holiday and guests came to you. How to surprise them? You turn on music on Marshall amp, dance, and enjoy. And then you take cold drinks out of the same device. Isn’t that amazing? This feature will attract the attention of guests and impress them.

Stylish and unusual design is combined with quality. This refrigerator is not as roomy as previous models. You can put 60 cans and several bottles of wine in it. However, you will not have to buy often, because this is a good indicator.

The temperature range varies from 34-48 degrees. You can`t worry that the drinks will not be cold enough. Since the temperature can fall below 50 degrees, the drinks are refreshing and invigorating. You can control the refrigerator using the dial. Additional shelves are located on the door inside the refrigerator to maximize the capacity of the cooler.

Purchasing high-quality home appliances have long ceased to be a problem for everyone. Modern home appliances, perhaps, have only one significant drawback – it has too little rock and roll! And the Marshall company successfully began to fight this problem, releasing refrigerators Marshall MF3.2-NA. This refrigerator will perfectly fit into the interior of every rehearsal point, recording Studio or home of a passionate guitarist. The design of the refrigerator is made using original elements of Marshall amplifiers-cloth protective mesh, original logos, copper front panel, regulators. This refrigerator will perfectly fit into your interior and surprise your guests.





The design is very stylish and popular. The light blue color. It is very pleasant to the eyes.

The shelves can be moved and adjusted.

The legs of the refrigerator are also moving. The compressor is very quiet.

Authentic components of the Marshall amp.

The refrigerator capacity allows you to hold up to 65 cans and several bottles of wine.

The doors have additional shelves for convenience and practicality.

You can adjust the temperature.

The possible temperature is 34-48 degrees.

It is difficult to find parts to replace them.

The compressor may suddenly shut down.

Avallon ABR151SGRH 86 Can 15″ Built-In Beverage

We have already mentioned that the fan is an important part of the refrigerator. Fans in refrigerators are used to blow out the evaporator of the refrigerator, the ventilation system guarantees continuous movement of air, which means uniform distribution of temperature and optimal humidity inside the entire volume of the refrigerator. Therefore, you need to choose the right place for the refrigerator.

If you do not want to suffer from this choice, then the refrigerator from Avalon will definitely suit you. It combines versatility and quality. Ventilation is located on the front of the refrigerator, so you can put it under the bar or in your living room.

This small drink fridge is equipped with a lock on the door. You don’t have to worry about someone getting into the cooler and taking a drink without asking. this feature is especially relevant for those who have their own business. Customers will not be able to steal your products. As for lighting, it is important to note the possibility of choosing the color of the bulbs. They can Shine blue or beige. Inside the refrigerator, there are 4 high-quality and bright LEDs.

The disadvantage is its capacity in comparison with other refrigerators. You can put 86 cans of soda or alcohol in it. But this is a good indicator. You don’t have to run to the store often to fill the refrigerator. The temperature inside the refrigerator can drop to 34 degrees. So, this refrigerator is a collection of good features to keep your drinks cool and fresh.





The frame is made of stainless steel, so it is very strong and resistant to shock and damage.

The refrigerator can hold 86 cans.

There is a lock on the door.

Ventilation is located on the front of the cooler.

Touch control panel.

Recessed door handle.

Two lighting color options.

The shelves are glass. They can be extended.

There are 4 LEDs inside the refrigerator.

Cools down to a temperature of 34 degrees.

Sometimes the walls of the refrigerator are heated.

Sometimes it makes noise.

Avanti AR321BB All Refrigerator

The last best beverage refrigerator on our list is Avanti. This is a great mini refrigerator that has interesting functionality. It can store not only drinks but also various food products. They will be fresh thanks to the optimal temperature regime. It is also a small exception among all refrigerators. The fact is that its door is metal, so it is not transparent. To see what is inside the refrigerator, you will have to open it. You can put a refrigerator in your kitchen or cafe.

To prevent ice from accumulating on the walls inside the refrigerator, it is equipped with a defrosting function. The refrigerator capacity is 3.2 feet. It is quite roomy, so you can easily place cans of drinks and other food in it. On the door inside the cooler, there are additional shelves for products.





The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 3.2 feet.

Door compartments for extra space

Suitable for cans and other products.

The refrigerator door is opaque.

Automatic defrosting to remove ice from the walls inside the refrigerator.


The refrigerator is light enough.

Full temperature control.

There is no lighting inside the refrigerator. It’s not very convenient in the dark.

There is no freezer.

Final Verdict

Beer refrigerator is a rare purchase, so it is worth choosing it carefully. In order not to regret the choice, take note of our recommendations:

  • Look for the best combination of price and quality.
  • Determine the required energy class and Make sure that the cooling level and noise level meet your needs.
  • Pay attention to the composition of the material.
  • Imagine your small refrigerator in the interior.
  • Determine in advance how much of the refrigerator you need.

Our list includes the best refrigerators that will cool your drinks. If you need a quiet and roomy refrigerator, you can buy Air. It will perfectly fit your needs. If you want something more versatile, then you’ll love Avalon. It will hold fewer cans, but it can also store other products. Ventilation is located in the front, so the refrigerator can be placed under the bar.

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