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anova culinary bluetooth sous vide precision cooker

Despite the fact that the preparation of products using the sous-vide method has been known for a long time, the real boom in “vacuum” cooking began recently, which could not but cause response from manufacturers: today there are a lot of sous-vide and related products on the market. Vacuum cooking is a method of cooking in which meat or vegetables are placed in a plastic bag with pumped air and slowly cooked at a relatively low and precisely controlled temperature, usually in a water bath.

In our opinion, the main advantage of Sous Vida is that this method is ideal for non-professional cooks. Cooking products in a vacuum bag at a strictly set temperature does not require much experience or special knowledge. A dish prepared in this way is almost impossible to spoil, and the duration of cooking, which at first frightens inexperienced cooks, in practice saves, and does not waste the time of the cook: after the package with food went to the pot with water, it almost does not require attention. This is not true of other cooking methods, where the dish, left unattended, tends to burn, run away or boil out. That is why we want to tell you about anova culinary sous vide precision cooker Bluetooth, consider in detail all the characteristics of this device, and help you decide on the choice of this type of equipment. So, let’s get started.

Report On The Anova Sous Vide

When American companies start creating kitchen appliances, you can be sure that all the devices will pass numerous tests before they go on sale. Most brands try to make devices as convenient as possible for home cooking. Therefore, they are suitable for both professional cooks and for those who like to cook something delicious. The Sous Vide market offers numerous options and models, among which the best is the Anova. This is a high-quality and multifunctional device that has passed many tests and now pleases customers with its capabilities in cooking.

The Anova Sous Vide Machine is one of the best in car=e vacuum cooking. This is an example of a combination of price and quality. And yet, this machine is equipped with all modern technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, application for device management. This is the model that cooks dream of when they present the equipment for the kitchen. It will be a great and stylish addition to your home and will make your life easier because cooking with it is a pleasure. Thanks to it, you will prepare dishes at home as in a five-star restaurant and will surprise all your family members and guests. Stylish and modern design will allow it to fit into any kitchen interior and become a part of the interior. Want to know all the details about Anova Sous Vide? Then you can read our article and understand all the details. We hope that you will not have any questions after reading, so you can decide whether this Anova Sous Vide Machine is suitable for you or not.

Main feature

Getting Started

The technology of sous-vide involves slow heating of the ingredients in a vacuum pack. Unlike traditional frying and cooking, it almost does not destroy organic compounds. Thanks to this, all products retain their natural taste. In recent years, there have been devices that allow you to use it in your home kitchen. Therefore, it is very important to hire a place where the cooking process will be safe and high-quality. First, you need to consider the material on which you will put the kitchen machine. It is not recommended to put on countertops made of a material that does not tolerate high temperatures and can deteriorate because of it. If you have all the surfaces in your kitchen made of marble, for example, you can safely use the stand for hot, which will protect the surface. It is also very important that the surface is flat and smooth so that the structure stands straight and does not move. Secondly, find a place where there will be a socket next to it. Anova culinary Bluetooth sous vide precision cooker, powered by electricity, so it is better to find a place in advance so that the wire reaches the outlet.


It seems that it is important for every housewife that kitchen appliances do not take up a lot of space in the cabinets. The photos show that this Sous Vide visually resembles a boiler with a temperature sensor and a motor for water circulation — they will require a special container (pan) with water. The size of our 800 watts black device is 15” x 3.5”. Thus, it is easy to carry and take with you. It is transportable and compact. You can simply store it in the kitchen dresser and take it out when you plan to cook something delicious.

The Clamp

As for the clip, but it is made of plastic, so do not use force when you attach the device to the container. It is circular and can be adjusted. You can use almost any container for cooking. Containers and pans are perfect. Installing and configuring the device is very easy and fast. You will not need extra effort to start using it.


Household Sous Vides is controlled by an electronic control system consisting of several buttons and the led display. In the 800 watts black immersion circulator, you can find a wheel (like a computer mouse), with which you can quickly and easily set the desired temperature or time. To change the unit of temperature measurement (degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit), you just need to press the button and hold it for 3 seconds. And all. The device will select this mode and you won’t have to change it every time. The display is very bright and clear. Therefore, you can easily make out all the icons and words on it.

Temperature Control

For each device, the documentation indicates the operating range and accuracy of temperature control. Most home Sous Vide allows you to set the temperature with an accuracy of 1 °C or even 0.1 °C. What can we say about the temperature mode of our device? It is equipped with a thermometer of a certain standard. This means that the error is minimal, and the temperature displayed on the immersion circulator is as accurate as possible.


As for power, the device is designed for 5 gallons. This is a standard indicator of such equipment. This is quite a lot, so you can cook a lot of steaks at once and please your guests. It is also possible to use zippered interior bags to make cooking simple.


On the bottom of the Anova sous vide there is a plastic cap that can be adjusted. Thanks to it, you can change the direction of the water depending on the dish you want to cook. If you have an overflowing pot, you can turn it to the side. For example, if you are cooking eggs and do not want the shell to be damaged, you can direct the water to the edge of the container. This will help balance the water and not damage the products. If you have too much water in the container, you can change the direction of the water so that nothing spills out. This allows you to make the process of cooking is relaxed and comfortable.

What features are associated with the preparation of products in sous vide? First, it is achieving exactly the degree of preparation of the product that you need. The result is guaranteed to be juicy and tender meat that has not lost any juice or taste during cooking. With the help of sous-vide, you can forget about gray superheated steaks, hard chicken Breast, and other well-known” masterpieces ” of cooking.

Clean Up

Household Sous Vides do not require any special care: during normal operation, the parts of the device only come into contact with clean water, and therefore, to care for the device, it will be enough to simply wipe it with a sponge with a soft detergent. The cap can be washed in the dishwasher, so you will not have any extra problems. But if there is a depressurization of the package and the contents fall into the water, the consequences can be very different. The submersible Sous Vide will survive such an incident easier: it will have to remove the housing and thoroughly wash everything that is under it (heating element, temperature sensor, rotating screw that circulates water). Before you wash the device, you need to wait for it to cool down. Be careful, because after work the sous vide is hot. And remember, don’t wet the top of the circulator. It has sensitive electrical items that can be damaged and void your warranty. In General, cleaning the device does not require much time and effort. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions.

The App

As for the app, the opinions of many buyers differ. Some claim that this is quite convenient. The rest of us are sure that the app needs to be improved.  However, the app has features and is suitable for iOS or Android. But until the app is finalized, you can use the display on the device itself to control it.

Remote Use – Bluetooth and wifi

Finally, we need to mention the possibility of remote control. The device has built-in Bluetooth or Bluetooth + Wi-Fi modules. As for Bluetooth, it can be a useful function. But if you go 35 feet away from the device, the connection will break. Sous vide will continue to work, but you will not be able to control it. Wi-Fi is a more useful and versatile feature, but you will have to pay for the Internet. Whether you use these supplements or not depends on your tastes and desires.

Tech Specs

You can learn more about the technical characteristics of anova culinary Bluetooth sous vide below.

  • Temperature Min °C Room Temperature (lower with ice bath)
  • Temperature Max °C 99 ºC
  • Temperature Stability °C ± 0.01ºC
  • Heater Power: 800 W Max (120V), 800W Max (220V)
  • Circulation Pump: 8.2 LPM Max
  • Input Power: USA: 115-120V
  • EU: 220-240V

The case itself is made of plastic. All removable parts are made of stainless steel so that they are not damaged during use. The device is very strong and durable, so don’t worry. It is resistant to scratches and damage.

Product Support

What should I do if something happens to your device that is not at your price? All customers who contacted the company received help from the technical support service. The manufacturer provides a warranty for the product for 1 year or 5 thousand hours of operation. Although it is unlikely that anyone is keeping track of this time. But be careful. The warranty will apply if you are not involved in the damage. Therefore, if you drop the device or spill it, the warranty will not help you. The Anova brand website has a detailed guide for customers. If you have any technical problems (for example, you hear strange sounds or can’t understand the app), you can find a solution to these problems in it. Moreover, you can also find the technical manual, which contains all the characteristics and operating instructions.

Main advantages

Together with anova 800w vs 900w, you will prepare a dish like in a restaurant. Sous vide makes it possible to prepare any dish perfectly! All you need to do is choose the right temperature and the right cooking time.

Main advantages:


  • Uniformity of preparation. For example, if we fry or bake a product, the edges are often dry or burnt when ready.
  • Nice texture. Tender juicy meat that melts in your mouth. Vegetables that have retained their shape and crispness. They do not break or become loose. Cooking does not achieve this.
  • The maximum concentration of flavor. The product does not interact with water, retains all the juices, and is saturated with spices and spices. We marinate and cook at the same time.

In the comments to articles about cooking at low temperatures, inevitably appear fighters with “raw” and” unsafe ” meat, trying to intimidate other participants in the discussion. Should I be afraid of bacteria when cooking at a low temperature? Our answer: no, if you follow basic safety rules. The latter includes rapid cooling of products that are intended for long-term storage (for example, in water with a large amount of ice). As for the development of bacteria directly in the process of cooking, all sorts of tables and guidelines have long been compiled to demonstrate at what stage the products become pasteurized (that is, all the bacteria in them are destroyed).

What conclusions can be drawn?

Traditional cooking methods are familiar to every housewife. They haven’t changed in a long time. Of course, devices were created to facilitate the process. But the essence remained unchanged-the food was prepared under the influence of very high temperature. Finally, there was something interesting-sous-Vide. A technology that has attracted the attention of not only famous chefs but also people far from Haute cuisine. The new and unfamiliar is always a little frightening. Especially if the name is strange and incomprehensible. The product is Packed in a vacuum bag. This is done using a special device-a vacuum packer. Then the product is placed in a water bath, where it is prepared for a long time at a constant, relatively low temperature. The main difference between traditional methods is a strictly controlled temperature. Vegetarian, holiday, desserts, meat. You can do anything that usually requires precise settings and is troublesome in a normal oven, such as beef or lamb. Anova culinary Bluetooth sous vide precision cooker is a black 800 watts device that can easily cope with these tasks. Many customers note that the dishes are delicious and satisfying. Cooking requires a lot of time, but not attention. You can turn on the device and do your business without worrying that something will happen to your food. The price is affordable, but the quality will please any gourmet. The device does not take up much space, and its stylish and modern design will fit into any interior. It is very easy to clean it. Items can be put in the dishwasher or washed with a sponge and dishwashing liquid. You can use the warranty for 1 year. So, you can buy this device with confidence and prepare amazing dishes like in a restaurant.


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