20 Best High Neck Sports Bras to Show in 2020

Sport has become a part of our daily life. Women’s nature is such that there will be no classes in ugly clothes. Even if a woman is completely immersed in training and sweats, performing the next approach, from the outside she wants to look beautiful. For girls, it is important that their fitness uniforms are fashionable, beautiful, stylish, and bright. Sports underwear is required not only for those girls who train professionally and perform at competitions. Even when conducting classes at home, you need to provide a decent support for your Breasts. Otherwise, the result of training will be traumatic.

A high neck sports bra is a model with a maximum degree of fixation. It looks like a cropped top. It is made of elastic fabric, so despite the high degree of fixation, the model does not interfere with movements and does not cause discomfort. However, sports models are not designed for everyday wear, these bras should only be worn during training.

Today, when sports style has become an integral part of the fashion industry, and almost every store offers its own line of sports clothing, it is so easy to get confused in the abundance of goods and in the pursuit of style to choose not the most successful option in terms of comfort and practicality. High-quality sports bra for running is made of functional breathable materials that remove moisture, which prevents the appearance of perspiration and irritation on delicate skin areas.

In addition, even after many washings, with the right approach to the care of synthetic materials, such a fabric will not lose its shape, and the thing will last a long time. A normal bra that is not intended for use in extreme conditions is likely to lose its original appearance and become unusable. If you are going to buy the high neck sports bra, then this list of 20 best high neck sports bras is specially for you.

Under Armour Luminous Crop Top

We start our review of high neck workout bras with such a bra as Under Armour Luminous Crop Top. It is made of elastic fabric that stretches perfectly in all directions. Therefore, you can play sports without restrictions. The high neck yoga top perfectly holds your Breasts and improves the shape. The fabric has the property of repelling moisture. People sweat during workouts, but thanks to this bra, your skin will stay dry. It consists of 90% polyester and Elastane. Sports sconces of this company are not inferior in quality to other brands.

Lucy Activewear High Impact Workout Bra

The high neck sports bra is designed specifically for sports in the gym and on the street. It holds the chest perfectly during training. It has a high neck. Designed with LucyPower fabric that breathes, moves, and supports, now you can finally focus on the workout.

Puma High-Neck Mid-Impact Sports Bra

This bra is designed for medium activity. Thanks to the mesh, the bra allows good air passage and refreshes during training. It is made of polyester, nylon, and spandex. The cups can be removed. It is best to dry sports underwear in a horizontal position – so the fabric stretches less. Do not dry the top with auxiliary means, such as a hairdryer or iron: synthetic threads are very sensitive to high temperatures, and you risk burning a hole, which will then be extremely difficult to patch.

Lululemon Enlite Bra

The Lululemon Enlite Bra is made of very soft and pleasant fabric, it stretches well and holds its shape. It has cups that allow air to pass well and hold the chest during active exercises. It is sewn without seams and fasteners. It can be called one of the best fashionable sports bras.

JoyLab High Neck Sports Bra

This marriage will definitely appeal to you because it will feel soft and delicate fabric. Thanks to the cutout on the back, your skin will remain dry. You can run, jump, ride a bike, do yoga, jog, or just walk in it. It is made of polyester and spandex. It looks very stylish and fashionable. The cups are removable and very soft.

LIVELY Active High-Neck Racerback Sports Bra

A great female high neck bra is considered an amazing option for sports fans. In it, you will feel sexy, feminine, pumped up and confident. It is made from a fabric that absorbs sweat and leaves the skin dry, so it is a great option for intense workouts. It will be a great addition to your tracksuit.

Nike Swoosh Medium Support Sports Bra

If you want to buy a branded bra, then Nike has specially released a collection of sports bras. They are made of water-repellent fabric, so your body will stay dry even after an intense workout. It is perfect for Jogging, Cycling, dancing, stretching or cardio training. Special inserts adorn your body and give you a great shape.

Adidas Halter Sports Bra 2.0

The next stylish high neck bra, which was released by such a brand as Adidas, consists of nylon and spandex. Adidas sports bra is made of high-quality water-repellent fabric. the fabric is very elastic, strong, and light. Adidas Halter Sports Bra 2.0 is made specifically for sports. It stretches perfectly and keeps its shape. To clean it, you just need to use a washing machine. The fabric is suitable for medium activity.

Victoria Secret x Mary Katrantzoy High-Neck Sports Bra

Victoria’s secret will definitely surprise you with the incredible bold shades and colors that are found in the new limited – edition collection of sports bras, which came to the market in 2018 after the fashion show. In this bra, you will feel very confident, and sports will be a real pleasure for you. The bra is designed for machine washing. At the back of the bra, you will see a clasp. It holds perfectly on the body, but it does not interfere with movement.

New Balance Release Bra

If you want to do yoga, stretching, Pilates, running, or weight training, you can buy this high neck Bra with confidence. It is made of polyester and spandex. You will see a transparent grid on it. The bra looks very fashionable and modern. It holds its shape perfectly, fits your figure, and gives it an attractive look. You will be able to move in all directions without fear.


AERIE PLAY SEAMLESS bra is made of 92% nylon and spandex. Thanks to this, the material retains color and does not dry out during frequent use, does not thin out in places of accidental creases, does not require special care and storage conditions, dries quickly, does not need to be smoothed. Thanks to the soft gloss of the fabric, nylon products are attractive and modern. The bra is made without seams. It is easy to clean in the washing machine.

Mizuno Odyssey High Neck Top

You will be surprised, but this particular bra was made specifically for the 2016 summer Olympics. It is great high neck bra for different sports. It fits snugly to your body, fixes your arms and chest, and provides comfort. In it, you can actively move in different directions. It is very stylish, so it will give you confidence during training. It was even tested and tested by a sports team, so you will definitely like it.

Lane Bryant Low Impact High Neck Sports Bra

This sports bra is made using two-layer fabric. There are mesh straps on the back. There are no fasteners on it, so it is very easy to put it on. It perfectly tightens the chest and gives you a beautiful silhouette of the figure. The cutout on it is quite high. The manufacturer added a dehumidification function, so it is perfect for active and hot workouts. The fabric dries very quickly, keeps its shape, does not stretch, does not fade.

Aloyoga Alosoft Serenity Bra

Aloyoga Allsoft Serenity Bra is made of high-quality and soft fabric so that all your movements are smooth and comfortable. It doesn’t rub or press. In it, your body will breathe, it passes air well and you will feel comfortable even if you sweat. It keeps its shape perfectly even if you are engaged in active sports. The manufacturer uses a very elastic and pleasant fabric.

LNDR High Impact Sports Bra

This bra will please you because it is sewn in a special way. On it, you will see a neck buckle that supports your weight, and shoulder straps for convenience. The cutout on this model is high, which adds comfort when doing sports. There are special breast pads so that you do not get in the way during your workout. It is also finished with a special elastic ribbon.

Gaiam Jessica Biel Chelsea Printed

Now let’s focus on someone like Gaiam Jessica Biel. This bra is made of mesh so you will not sweat, and the movements will only bring you pleasure. It will not pressure you when doing yoga. You will see a high cutout on it. It is easy to wash. Just use the washing machine. It is made of polyester with the addition of spandex, and the mesh is made of nylon. Polyester is considered a strong and wear-resistant material. It is easy to care for, it does not lose its shape during long wear, so the bra will last you a very long time. It has a very beautiful and attractive print.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Studio Bra

The next bra was made specifically for different sports. For example, you can run, jump rope, dance, ride a bike, stretch, do weight training, or do yoga in it. Its main advantage is the ability to stretch in different directions while remaining intact and not torn. It perfectly accentuates the silhouette of your shoulders, arms, and chest thanks to the crisscrossing straps on the back. It is very fashionable and stylish and you will definitely like it. It is made of polyester and with Pandora so it is very pleasant to the body.

Zella Static Sports Bra

The next option is Zella Static Sports Bra. It will last you a long time. It is very comfortable to do cardio, run and stretch. Its style will suit you. You can remove the cups from the bra. They are soft and pleasant. The bra is made of 90% polyester with the addition of spandex. This fabric is air-permeable, does not crumple, dries quickly, retains colors for a long time even with frequent washing, and is durable. The cutout will accentuate your figure. You will feel very comfortable and confident in it.

The North Face Free Motion Bra

This bra is great for climbing, running, jumping, yoga, active movements, and any sport. The back will provide you with comfort and convenience. A special lining will hold your chest during training. The fabric is breathable. The bra is made of polyester.

Carbon 38 Same Sport Bra

We complete the list of the best high neck bras model about such a brand as Carbon 38. It is made of polyester and spandex. Clothing made of this material dries quickly, does not crumple, and does not fade in the sun. Athletic clothes for yoga do not require any groundbreaking features. The only condition is that it does not restrict movement. This sample fits these criteria perfectly. It is very stylish and comfortable. It has a high neck and excellent straps.


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